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One Page Wonders!

Sometimes, you just want want to get a simple answer to a simple question.  You don’t want to have to read all night to find out what you want.

Here are short pieces on scamming and lying.  To read, just click on the hyper linked title of the article.

Want to read ALL the article here? They are on my blog (in reverse order—most recently posted first). Click here to read.

All about scams and how to protect yourself:

What would make me vulnerable to a scam? Scammers may be looking for someone just like you.  What kind of people are most vulnerable to scams?  Am I one of them?

Is my Sweetheart a scammer? If you wonder whether the person you met online might be trying to scam you—or if you want to know how he or she might try—you need to read this article from Your Romance Coach.

I have the money, why shouldn’t I send it? How can you tell if your online date is legitimate or trying to scam you?  Read why sending money is always a bad idea.

How do scammers work on singles? Scammers work to get your money in predictable ways.  Learn how the scheme works so that you can protect yourself.

How can I protect myself from scammers? Just about everyone who tries Internet dating worries about the dangers.  Find out Kathryn Lord’s best suggestions for protecting yourself from those who would like to get your money.

All about liars and lie detecting:

What does lying say about the liar? What do you know when you find out that someone has lied to you?  If you wonder if lying in an online dating profile is harmless or not, you need to read what Kathryn has to say in this article.

What do singles on dating sites lie about?  Do singles tell big lies or small ones?  Do you wonder what people tend to lie about online?  Read what Your Romance Coach has to say about what singles lie about most frequently.

Why do singles who are looking for love lie? Why would someone who wants a long-term, trusting relationship lie?  If you wonder what the purpose of something as potentially harmful as lying would be in the search for love, you need to know more about a liar’s motivation.

Why should I tell the truth when everyone else online is lying?Do you think it is okay to lie in your Internet dating profile because everyone else lies too?  If you wonder if NOT lying online will hurt your chances of finding love, you need to read what Kathryn has to say.

What is a plagiarized profile and why should I care?  Is “borrowing” some words from somebody else’s profile wrong?  What you write in your online dating profile says a lot about you, whether it is true or not.  If you use someone else’s words, are you lying?

The best way I have found yet to learn how to detect liars.Would you like to learn how to detect liars like Kathryn has?.  If you worry that you won’t be able to tell if you are being lied to, Kathryn’s written about how she has refined her skills at lie detection.  You’ll never guess how she did it, and how you can learn too!


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