Are You Ready to Date? Scoring


26 -- Wow, are you ready! Go for it!

20-25 -- Not bad, not bad at all. You might take a closer look at your answers that were "Sort of" or "No," but you are in pretty good shape.

15-19 -- You've got some areas that could use some work. Take a good look at everything you did not rate a "Yes" and think about what you could do that would change you from "No" or "Sort of" to "Yes."

10-14 -- Dangerous! There's a strong likelihood that you will undermine yourself in your efforts to find a Sweetheart! Take seriously these results and do some intensive work before you start looking.

0-9 -- Train wreck. You have serious impairments to your efforts to find a partner. It's almost certain that you will undermine yourself in mate-finding, or at the very least, pair up badly. Do yourself and future partners a favor and give yourself time to do intensive work to get yourself in a better place.


I noticed in my work with singles who said they wanted a life partner that, for a large group, no matter what they did or how hard they tried, they were never able to get what they wanted. I realized, despite what they thought about their own readiness, these folks had mixed feelings about being paired, were not presenting themselves well, or were unconsciously undermining otherwise promising relationships in a variety of ways.

That's why I wrote "Find A Sweetheart Soon!" -- to help people be totally ready, have all their "switches" firmly on "Yes!" BEFORE they got started.

If you weren't able to answer a strong "Yes!" to most of the questions here, you have some areas that could easily undermine you in your efforts to get what you say you want.

If you scored below 20, I strongly urge you to pay attention! The quickest and easiest fix would be to buy my book "Find A Sweetheart Soon!" And think about getting some coaching -- you would probably use it very well!

If you scored 14 or below, you need some serious work. Buy "Find A Sweetheart Soon!" and consider contacting me to set up a complimentary coaching session. You've got work to do!

My best wishes to you in your efforts!

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord


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