Just the Facts

* The first online dating site was WebPersonals.com, 1993.

* According to a January 2005 Jupiter Research study, 14% of adults online (21 million) browsed online personals and 11% (17 million) had posted personals.

* Nearly one in five men who are online say that they visit an online personals site at least once a month.

* Match.com has 29,000,000 visitors a month. 

* The top five dating sites, ranked by the Hitwise in June 2007:

1. Singlesnet
2. Yahoo Personals
3. PlentyofFish
4. Match.com
5. eHarmony

* Total Web users in the U. S. (age 15+) 152,350,000

* Personals Total 20,555,000

1. Yahoo! Personals 4,153,000
2. Match.com 3,970,000
3. True.com 3,086,000
4. Spark Networks 2,504,000
5. Singlesnet.com 2,173,000

* January and February are the busiest months for dating sites. 

* When Match.com first launched 10 years ago, they signed up 60,000 singles in the first year.  Match.com reports roughly 60,000 people now register every day (2005).

* Did you know that online dating is one of the top money makers online? After nearly a decade of double-digit growth, online dating revenue rose 7% last year to slightly more than $515 million, per Jupiter Media. (Match’s share is about $250 million.)

* Match.com claims to initiate over 130 engagements and marriages each month.

* A Match.com survey of older singles found intelligence the most important trait they looked for in a mate, followed by fidelity, confidence, and humor.

* According to a New York Times article on a study about online dating, men who reported incomes of greater than $250,000 got 156% more emails than the relative poor who made under $50,000. And guys who stated they were interested in a "Long term relationship" got a lot more email than those who said they were "Just curious."  The worst thing a guy can say is that he is "Seeking a casual relationship." Those guys got 42% less emails. Now, if a woman said the same, she got 17% MORE.

* Jupiter Research reports that 12% of people registering with online dating sites are married.

* The U. S. Census reported that 82 million men and women in the U.S. are unmarried:

  • 20 million adults are divorced
  • 13.6 million are widowed
  • More than 48 million have not married
  • More than 48% of all households are headed by unmarried individuals
  • About 40% of the work force is unmarried.

* The Census Bureau has projected that between the ages of 15 and 85, the average man and woman will spend more years unmarried than married.

* If You’re Looking for Love, it's good to know --

For 20-somethings: There are 119 single (never marrieds, divorced, or widowed) men for every 100 single women.

For the over-65 crowd: There are 34 single (never marrieds, divorced, or widowed) men for every 100 single women.

To find those singles: There are 904 off-line and online dating services in the U.S.

(Source: The U.S. Census Bureau’s “Facts for Features")

* The percentage of the single adult population over the age of 18 in 2000 was 40.4. In 1970, that figure was 28.3.

* Artificial Life (www.artificiallife.com) is a Hong Kong company that recently announced the development of a virtual girlfriend who can live in your cell phone. A "Virtual Boyfriend" is in the works.

Do you know any other fascinating facts about singles or CyberDating?

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