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Do you find yourself thinking up all kinds of good reasons to avoid dating?  Have you seen *eMAIL to eMATE* readers’ incredible list of excuses? Just in case you run out of your own reasons to put off finding love, visit the list “50 Ways to BLEEP Your Lover.”


This is one of THE most popular pages on my website.  Readers LOVE it, and have sent me so many more good reasons than I started out with (just 10!) that we are now over 125!!!  Maybe you’ll want to send me your own reasons… You can contact me directly.


Are you wondering about getting some Romance Coaching for yourself?         Here’s my Top 10 Reasons to Hire a CyberRomance Coach  Read them closely—they are great!—and then contact me and set up your FREE appointment!


Looking for a great date flick?  See my review of Drew and my current favorite:            Movie Review!

Want to be single AND miserable? Read my “Top Ten Personality Traits for Guaranteed CyberRomance Misery”
I’m on a Top 10 roll: Here’s another on how to mess up your dating site profile!


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