Top Ten Best Ways to Really Mess Up Your Chances of Finding a Sweetheart Online

If you want to dive bomb your chances of finding your perfect mate online, the surest way to do it is to post a lousy photo. Anyone who has spent five minutes cruising around a dating site knows how bad the pictures
can be.

Here are the top ten offenses:

1. Poor photo quality: Too dark, or over exposed and too light, fuzzy, not clear. Amateurish. Looks like the poster doesn’t care enough to put up a good one.

2. Guys in caps: Why do men love their caps so much? My first question—and I’m not the only one—is “What’s underneath the hat? What’s this guy hiding?” If the hair is thin or gone, I want to know. Bald I don’t mind. But caps just look dorky, guys. Take them off.

3. T-shirts, muscle shirts, sunglasses, and beer bellies: Believe it or not, I just saw a guy’s photo with: A baseball cap. Sunglasses. Anda quarter of a woman’s head, right next to his. Jeez. He wasn’t
that bad looking—no beer belly—but really!

4. Poor grooming—men: Ungroomed, untrimmed beards, stringy hair. Generally slobby presentations. Such a turn-off for women.

5. Hair—Women: Way too much hair, clouds and mountains of it, often hiding their faces.

6. Hats and sunglasses—women: Okay, what are YOU hiding, ladies?

7. Poses — Men and women: Too far away. Men : Business photos — too stiff. Women: Glamour shots (the guys have learned to recognize those, so don’t bother), too seductive poses (I saw a shot of a woman in a bubble bath—what do you suppose she was advertizing?), “bedroom eyes” or “come hither” looks. Gives the wrong message—that is, unless the poster just wants sexy inquiries. Believe me, ladies, if you give a sexy signal, you’ll get blatantly sexy inquiries.

8. Distracting backgrounds: Either other people in the photo or cropped out (Tacky, tacky! Whose arm is that?) or depressing and forlorn interiors. Be careful about what else is in the photo besides you.

9. Outdated photo: Even if the reader can’t tell your picture was taken years ago, if and when the two of you meet in real time and space, the difference between how you looked then and now can be a deal killer.

10. Don’t post a photo at all: A practically sure move to get yourself completely ignored.

Advice from your Romance Coach Kathryn Lord for both men and women: You are looking for a date—present yourself as if you are going on one. Get a haircut, be clean and neat. Even guys with beer bellies can dress in ways that are becoming.

And then, make an appointment with a professional photographer. It’ll be worth every penny.

Don’t forget to hire Romance Coach! I can help you avoid every one of these mistakes. Contact me now to set up time to talk!


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