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Good Deals on Dating Sites

currently is charging $12.99 per month when you sign up for six months.  is $12.49 per month for the six month contract.  Yahoo! Premier (recommended—here’s why) comes to $20.83 per month for the same period of time. 

Don’t worry about the six month factor: It’ll probably take you at least a month or two to get your feet wet on the dating site and get some experience in weeding out potential candidates.  Chances are very good that you will not meet Mr. or Ms. Right in your first month.  And so what if you do?  For an investment of under $100 that gives you access to scads of people looking for partners, even if you find your Life’s Love on the first DAY, it would still be a great deal. is offering special discounts to men: the ratio there is two men to every woman, just the reverse of wthe ratios on most dating sites. Eharmony has similar problems attracting men. If you are a guy, these sites might be worth checking out. Ladies, take heed: your odds are bettter at sites like or Yahoo, where the gender ratios favor women.


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