What’s it worth to you? My Terms of Service

Awhile back, I had a pesky little legal matter to contend with and took a lawyer up on his offer of a free session. The advice he gave in about 15 minutes was so valuable and saved me so much money and grief that I called him back, asked for his mailing address, and sent him a nice fat check—way more than what he would have normally charged for the quarter hour of his expert time.

That experience gave me a dandy idea: what would happen if I offered my time for what folks would then decide it was worth to them? Like my experience with the lawyer.

Seemed to me it would be the best of both worlds: The up front charge would be $0, but I would do my very best, and then they would get to decide how much it was worth.  Since I am pretty darned good at what I do, I probably would get paid something, anyway. And for the receiver of the service, they wouldn’t have to pay me unless it was worth their while. Good deal all around.

So let’s give it a try. If you’d like to talk to me, pick my brains, or get my best advice to help your predicament, then click the “Set a Meeting” button in the box below and follow the directions. If you’d rather write to me instead, then click “Send a Message.” I’ll do my best, and then you will be the judge of how much it is worth to you.

Caveat: Everyone gets one chance with this great deal. If you decide that you’d like to have more of what I have to say, then that’s a statement that what I do is worthwhile. So you’d better come through with your part of the bargain if you want more: pay up!


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