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You’ve got Questions, I’ve got Answers!

Have you been out of the dating game for years, or never really got started?

When I was single, before I met my now-husband Drew, I hadn't dated in more than twenty-five years.  And even way back then, I hadn't been very good at it.  I was terrified, probably feeling not too different from the way you feel right now. 

I figured it out, but it wasn't easy.  I was completely alone, and essentially stumbling around in the dark.  Since then, I've decided that finding your best possible mate does not need to be as hard for you as it was for me.  And I've devoted myself to making that so.

I've got lots of possibilities for you to find answers you need: Here on my website, my blog, and my twice-monthly enewsletter *eMAIL to eMATE* there's tons of information, all absolutely free! Be sure to explore all the links here, and !

What's best, as far as you are concerned, is that I have even written a book about the "getting ready to date" process that will get you readier to date than you can possibly imagine.  It's highly likely that whatever you are worrying about, I have covered in "Find a Sweetheart Soon! Your Love Trip Planner for Women."

You may think you are readier than you are. I've found lots of singles jump in before they are really ready, then scare themselves right out of the game. Take my "Are you ready to date?" self test and see if you are as ready as you think you are.

At Your Sweetheart Store you'll find my books, articles, recordings, and workshops. All of these cost money, but not a lot, and are a good way to get lots of my knowledge and expertise for a low price.

Psst: I work with guys too. If you are a single man with questions about what to do next, keep reading.)


Are you ready to try Internet dating, but haven't a clue where to start?

I know Internet dating from the inside out. Not only did I learn enough about it back in 1998 to find my Sweetheart Drew, I have been spending the last five plus years studying everything I can find, written or otherwise, about this exciting new resource for singles.

While I can't know every detail about every site (there are hundreds, maybe thousands!), most run pretty much the same, with many catering to small slices of the singles population. So I can help advise you on where best to list as well as how -- how to construct the best possible profile and online presentation, and how to contact others, as well as how to manage the singles who contact you.

Got more questions? Maybe you could use some direct time with me. Here's how to set that up: Go to Your Sweetheart Store and check out the options. I offer several ways for you to talk to me directly. Pick the one that will work best for you. Once your transaction has been processed, I'll get in touch with you to set up time to talk. And we'll figure out just what you need to know!!


Do you already have a profile posted on a dating site but getting poor response?

Probably your profile could use an overhaul.  I am FANTASTIC at helping you craft a smashing profile.  

Here's what one of my clients sent after I wrote her profile essay:

Hi! Kathryn,

You did a fabulous job on my profile. You make me sound like such a fun and exciting person. I know for certain, that although I know who I am, I would never be able to put it in words like the way you have done.

Thank you very much.


You can tap my expertise three ways:

1. We'll take a thorough overall look at your online presentation and see what's not working for you. You may not be on the best dating site for your needs. Or you may not be using the site in the best possible way, given what you want. We'll also take a look at what you are and are not doing, and what changes could help your results. If you need a profile rehad, we'll do that too. I'd suggest that you sign up for the One Hour Special at Your Sweetheart Store and we will get to work.

2. I do basic profile reviews and rehabs for a set price of $99. We'll talk on the phone at least once, then do most of the rest of the work via email, until we get a result that you are satisfied with and that I think will work for you. Select the Profile Review and Rehab at Your Sweetheart Store When I see that your transaction has been accepted, I'll get in touch and set up time for us to get started.

3. I accept a limited number of individual clients for ongoing Romance Coaching. As a part of my regular work with my ongoing clients, we'll review your profile or start from scratch, making sure that you look the best you can on the Net. If you'd like me to consider you for this special work with me, the best way is to sign up for an individual session, the One Hour Special or the Romantic Mini. You can sign up for either at Your Sweetheart Store

Whatever you do, do something!

Doing nothing will likely get you just that: Nothing. Ask yourself: What does it mean if you leave this site which might be just the route to the answers -- and love -- you want? Are you crazy? No? Then take advantage of what I am handing you here, right on a silver platter!


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