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What a brilliant idea! We all know that the first thing we do when we reach a dating site profile is to look at the photos. And we all know how bad those photos can be. Instead of decent pictures that actually show what someone looks like, all we get is a series of blurry pics, holiday snaps, webcam stills and all sorts of images that tell you nothing.

You can be sure that the people behind those pics never find dates!

LookBetterOnline.com sends cyberdaters with less than perfect photos to professional local photographers. All the photographers on their network have been hand-checked and produce pictures specially for dating sites. Nothing cheesy, sleazy or bad. Just great pics that show you at your absolute best.

Their photographers are professional, easy to work with and even fun. For a small extra fee they'll even come to you!

And the best thing is the price. LookBetterOnline have managed to negotiate a special price that's less than a third of the standard $400 photographer's fee. Instead of tossing away a subscription fee every month and getting nothing for it, you can pay once and find love in a week!

LookBetterOnline gives you

  • Many, many more emails (72% of their clients say they double their responses.)
  • A look that reflects the real you (Their photographers take great pics, not glamour pics!)
  • The best options. (With a top-quality photo, you'll get truly top-quality choices.)

And for a limited time, they will give you a free membership to Date.com, HurryDate.com and PeopleFishing.com! PLUS, A FREE copy of "Online Dating: A Personal Survival Guide" (that's $130 worth of free gifts!)

How it Works

There are just 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose a photographer.

    LookBetterOnline have photographers across the USA and Canada, including in all major cities. Check out portfolios and take your pick.

  2. Schedule an appointment.

    Once you've selected a photographer, complete the order form and schedule an appointment at a time that suits you. The photographer will call you back within 48 hours.

  3. Enjoy the session!

    The photo shoot lasts 45 minutes and will take place at the photographer's studio, at a location near you or even your own home if you prefer. Most of people say that they enjoy the session! You choose your favorite shots, the photographer will upload them to the LookBetterOnline website and you can download them ready for your profile. It's easy!


A photo session costs just over $100 US.



Other Info:

LookBetterOnline.com has gone to great lengths to contract with the best photographers in your area. They carefully screen each one to make sure they have the background and skill to create the best photographs possible. They do not use "mall shooters," photo chainphotographers or amateurs. They use only the best professional photographers. That means you get the best look you need to get the very best dates!


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