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What do Lesbians Know that Straight People Don't?

Here are seven tips for “Compatibility in Lesbian Dating Relationships” listed by a personalized lesbian matchmaking service for the Greater Bay Area:

Tip #1: First of all state your intentions up front and be honest about them.
Tip #2: Don’t jump into the sex dance too soon.
Tip #3: Develop excellent communications and negotiating skills.
Tip #4: Outline your deal breakers are from the beginning and talk about them.
Tip #5: Don’t carry your old baggage into your new relationship.
Tip #6: Learn to deal with jealousy and insecurity.
Tip #7: Figure out what “type” of lesbian you are and what you are attracted to and then make sure your types are compatible.

#1 - 6 look perfectly fine for gays or straights, and probably #7 too.  My Sweetie is a guy who couldn’t care less about spectator sports or sailing around the world, and that is fine with me.  Guess how many women I talk to who despair about men looking for a “first mate”—the boating type?

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord



Great tips, thanks very much. I will copy and paste such tips on my blog page at http://www.ldate.com to let my lesbian friens share it, hope that you did not mind.

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