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How did I get so lucky?

This morning, I am feeling incredibly lucky.  Drew (my Match.com hubby) and I are at our home in Maine.  It’s on an island, and last night we had a fierce rain and wind storm.  Then in the middle of the night, it cleared and the nearly full moon shown through our bedroom window and right on our faces.  Did you know that sleeping in the light from the full moon can make you loony?  Maybe you thought I was anyway.

So here this morning, the air is fresh, clear and cold.  We’ve got a fire in the wood stove to warm us up, the sun is shining, and we are watching the birds gobble up the suet, peanut butter and bird seed sandwich we hung for them from the maple tree out front.

So yes, I am feeling lucky.  But I got lucky by DOING, not just by crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.  I built this house myself, literally, thirty years ago.  I carved the woods back, planted, painted, and pruned.  Now Drew does most of the heavy stuff and I get to try new recipes.  Last week we made grape jelly—I’ve made jam plenty of times, but never jelly.  It was a first. 

I’m with Drew because of what we did, both of us.  We were lucky to meet, but we made our own luck.  Luck does not just happen.  You make it.

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Making Luck

Here are two guys who are trying interesting techniques for marketing themselves to women:

Dave Greenberg of Waltham, MA, is circulating fliers offer $1000 to the person who sets him up with the woman he will eventually marry.  Greenberg seems like an okay guy, but has two stipulations that seem to be warding women off: he wants to move to San Diego and will not fly, so wants a partner who will do (or not do) both.

Brian Wolf at http://settleforbrian.com/ has put up his own website with his worst possible photo on the front page.  He candidly has listed his pros and cons.  56,833 people (at my last visit) had viewed the website, he’s gotten lots of supportive emails, and is dating someone now, according to the NPR interview

While both men say they had “no luck” with Internet dating, I am a firm believer that you make your own luck.  And regardless of their lucklessness on the Net, they certainly are making their own luck now.

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