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SAQ #5 Should I get help writing my profile essay??


Your profile package: photos, essay, and all those questions you answer, becomes your 24/7 billboard advertizing you and what you are looking for.  Think about it: Would any business wanting to market a product (let’s say McDonald’s and Big Macs) would post on a billboard a first or second draft description, along with a picture taken with a cell phone camera into the bathroom mirror?  If they did, McDonald’s would never be able to say they had sold billions and billions.

Not only is your profile package your advertisement to the world, but also it is the beginning of a conversation with your potential mate for life.  You want to present your best self, while telling the absolute truth, and engage the reader so that he or she will email you back.  This is not an easy task.

Also, many people have a hard time writing about themselves.  As well, they may not have a realistic or even positive view of how they come across. 

I very seldom see a profile package that needs no improvement.  Why take the risk with what may be the most important document you will ever write?  Get help.  It will be worth every penny.

PS I’ve love to help you with your profile.  Go here to find out how—check out Platinum Profile Workup and Rehab.


SAQ #4. What photo should I use?

This question probably should be “Which photo SHOULDN’T I use?” Most folks should dump what they are using or are tempted to use and start over.

Just about every profile that I am asked to review could use better photos. Especially the guys. Let’s start with a list of “do’s”:

1. Strongly consider getting professional photos. I recommend LookBetterOnline.com. Everyone who has taken my advice and used LookBetterOnline has been delighted with the results, and the emails they get confirm the choice.
2. If you skip the professional route, get a friend to take lots of digital photos of you.  Outside is good, natural light and a pretty background. Inside shots can look dreary. Make sure the background is not distracting.
3. Less is more. Use one head shot, one full length, and perhaps one or two of you doing something interesting. One client had the LookBetterOnline photographer shoot him on his racing bicycle. Another was wading in the surf.
4. Dress simply and well. No prints or plaids, solid colors that look good on you. Pick an outfit that you would wear on an informal date, like nice pants and a sports jacket for men, a dress or skirt for women that shows a little leg—but not too much.
5. Cover up, for the most part. No bare chests, guys. Ladies, too. Save the skin for later. Keep your presentations clean.
6. Exhibit good grooming. Fresh haircuts and updates styles. If you have facial hair: guys, trim and tidy, consider shaving it off and automatically lose a few years; ladies, bleach, pluck, wax, or zap.
7. One or two photos with your pet is okay.  More than two pets gets weird.
8. Smile. A lot.


1. Do not use pictures with other people in them. You don’t want the viewer to not know which one is you, or to think that your friends are better looking than you are.
2. Do not use photos where you obviously cut out someone else, particularly that someone with their arm around you and clearly the opposite sex.
3. Do not use photos of your children or you with your children.
4. Do not use web cam photos or photos using your bathroom mirror. Who wants to see your toilet, seat up or down?
5. Lose the hats, caps, sunglasses, and muscle shirts. Folks want to see your eyes and whether you have hair – on your heat, not your chest or armpits.
6. Guys: women really don’t care about how big your motorcycle is, or what kind of car you have. Well, that might not be strictly true, but you risk turning good women off. Let them be impressed later.


Kathryn’s Best Gift Picks

What to Buy for Your Single Friends Who Wish they Weren’t
Single (And Maybe for Yourself)

Holidays can be tough times for singles. You included. How
about thinking of your single friends (and you!) for some special
treatment this year? P. S. New Year’s is coming too, and what a
perfect time to resolve never to go through this time of year
alone again! Here are my best suggestions to help singles change
their status to coupled:


When I was doing online dating back in 1998, I couldn’t find ANY
books that helped. I was on my own. Now, thank goodness, lots
of writing has come out. My “Top Ten” list is posted on my

Here are three more books that I discovered this year and than I
have been recommending over and over:

“A Fine Romance” by Judith Sills. This is a fine, fine book.
The full title is ” A Fine Romance: The Passage from Meeting to
Marriage,” and Sills beautifully describes just that, the step-
by-step process from singlehood to being paired. Best of all,
Sills identifies “stuck points” along the way, common and
expected hitches in the process that can derail the best of couples.

And she tells you how to manage and move through the morass. A
“must read” for anyone contemplating looking for love.

“The Sociopath Next Door” by Martha Stout. Now, here’s a book
for the other, less optimistic side of love. We’ve all heard the
scary stories about cyberlove gone wrong. I’m skeptical about
the real frequency of fraud and deception, but the stories do
sell papers, so we get them. And I also believe it is just as
easy (if not easier) to meet a fraud, rapist or murderer in
church as it is on the Internet. If we read all the news, we
know that. But some folks are out to get us (Stout says 1 in 25
Americans feel no guilt), and it is in our own best interest to
be able to spot them before they do us in. Martha Stout
describes with chilling clarity the sociopathic personality and
how to recognize it. Be prepared to recognize folks that you
know, particularly politicians. Maybe even family members.

“Did You Spot the Gorilla?” By Richard Wiseman. I’ve been
enjoying Richard Wiseman’s books for a few years now. Wiseman
is a British psychologist and former magician who researches all
kinds of interesting phenomenon like ghosts, the paranormal and
luck. He’s got a new book out that’s a short, easy read, and
that should be mandatory for online daters: “Did You Spot the
Gorilla? How to Recognize Hidden Opportunities.” It’s
essentially a training manual for learning to see what’s under
your nose—and often missed. Unfortunately, “Gorilla” doesn’t
seem to be available in the U. S. A. yet, but you can buy it
through the U. K. division of Amazon.
I didn’t know that it was possible to order books from Britain,
but Wiseman told me how to do so, and it works.

Dating Sites

If you have done any nosing around online, you know that there
are jillions of dating sites, and most come and go. Really,
unless you are part of a small minority and want to go where
others like you go too, then stick with the big sites that
everyone knows and lists on.

I ALWAYS suggest either Match.com or or both. I
met my Sweetie Drew on Match.com, so I hold a special fondness
for Match. But I have come to appreciate Yahoo! Personals
equally. And Yahoo! Personals appreciates me, too: I write for
Yahoo! Personals online magazine.

Yahoo! Personals offers a gift certificate. Go to
and scroll down to the bottom of the
page, third line from the bottom, second hyperlink from the right
will take you to the page to set up the gift. It’s $24.95 for a

Now, if this is a GOOD friend—or yourself—I’d suggest the
real deal of 6 months on Yahoo! Personals for $74.95—that’s a
dirt cheap $12.49 per month. Or what I consider the First Class
Option, Yahoo! Personals Premier at $124.95 for six months (which
works out to $20.85 a month). If you would like to know why I
particularly recommend Yahoo! Premier, check out my blog entry

I’m not sure if you can give those longer subs to another person,
but you could offer to pay for your chum!

Match.com is slightly more expensive than Yahoo!—$24.99 for
one month, $14.99 if you sign up for six months. But I
discovered a deal that Match.com has running: If you sign up
for six months and follow their guidelines (very important that
you understand the rules and follow them), and have not met
someone special in that amount of time, Match.com will GIVE you
another six months. Who can pass on a deal like that? If you
find you need the next six months, then your costs are a measly
$7.49 per month. Find more info here.

Profile Resources

If you have looked around on dating sites, you know what a
profile is: Just about all the sites base their listings around a
personal essay of sorts, photos, and list of likes and dislikes.
Virtually every one of my clients has needed work to shape up
their online presentation. After all, it’s you 24 hour a day
billboard, and you hope that it finds you the very best partner
for life. It should be the best you can make.

I do profile reviews (looking over and critiquing what you
already have posted), rewrites (new essays), and complete work-
ups (starting from scratch). It’s a deal at $99 total. An even
better deal? Sign up for a basic coaching package (Four 1/2 hour
sessions) and get the $99 Profile Work up for free! Email me to
set up a profile review gift: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The most important part by far? A great photo. Just about
everyone needs a better one, and I ALWAYS suggest using
LookBetterOnline.com My clients have had very good results and
just those new photos would get them much more attention. The
cost is a very reasonable $129 for twelve Internet ready colored
photos. A deal. If you use LookBetterOnline.com, let them know
I sent you. They know me and treat my folks well.

Here’s what a Romance Client wrote me recently about her
LookBetterOnline.com photos:

“Here are my new photos taken last Friday. I look spectacular!!.
The photographer took 96 shots and I had to only pick 12 OH MY
The difference between the photo this woman had been
using and the new ones was astounding.

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord


Men: Get a professional photo for your profile!!!

Now fellas, I talk to a lot of women who are reading your
profile, and do you know what they almost always say, right off
the bat?  Some variation of “All these guys look terrible!”  And
you know, they are largely right.

Not only do I talk to lots of women, I look at lots of profiles,
men and women’s, and while women have some pretty poor photos,
too, guys, yours tend to be pathetic.  I think that the
women are a little more vain and careful about posting pictures
that are more becoming.

The common wisdom is that men are more visual, and in fact, that
seems to be so.  But that doesn’t mean that the ladies aren’t
looking too, and that they don’t have taste and descrimination.

If you were trying to sell your car or house, you’d clean it up,
maybe slap on a coat of paint, maybe even plant a flower or two,
right?  You wouldn’t post a photo of your motorcycle on ebay that
was too dark to see the details, or with it covered with an old
horse blanket.

Most of us have some idea what helps a car or house sell for the
best price.  Why not use what you know to sell yourself?  Get
your hair cut—and your beard trimmed if you have one.  Take of
the hats and sunglasses.  Avoid the skimpy muscle shirts and put
on a dress shirt at least.

I always recommend LookBetterOnline.com for profile photos.  If
they do not have a photographer near you, then ask around your
area.  Invest a few dollars to improve your bargaining position
with the ladies.  It’ll pay off.  EVERYONE who has followed my
advice and gotten professional photos have had vastly improved

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord


Getting to the Bottom Line

I love it. Talk about nitty-gritty:

Leave it to the Wall Street Journal to get to the meat of the matter. Sarah Rubenstein writes that health insurance is becoming a hot commodity in the search for love. Folks are starting to ask for partners who “have health insurance and use it.”

Here’s why:

1. Having health insurance is an asset that signals “they are serious, professional and grounded.”
2. The lister may be needing health insurance for themselves and are looking for a mate who can provide it.

3. Health insurance usually comes along with a good job.

Want some ideas on how to integrate insurance benefits into your profile essay? Take a look at Rubenstien’s article.

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord


Merav Knafo of LookBetterOnline on Photos and Profiles

I’ve dealt with Merav Knafo of LookBetterOnline for some time now. I love to refer my clients to her for professional photos to go with their spiffy Internet dating profiles that I help them write. I saw this letter that Merav posted on Mark Brooks’ OnlinePersonalsWatch.com, and I thought it was so good that I emailed Merav for her permission to post it here.

What Merav says applies to getting a good profile essay and total package, including a LookBetterOnline photo. I do profile reviews and rewrites all the time, and my clients rave about the results. But more about that later. Here’s Merav’s post, slightly shortened:

...[Online Dating] doesn’t work for some people because they don’t put the minimal effort presenting themselves property. If you get the opportunity to “meet” millions of people and you insist of posting a crappy photo and a badly written profile, don’t be surprised that you don’t get any quality dates.

It’s like going to a party with a lot of attractive singles wearing a dirty shirt and smelling like garbage. It won’t work! :-)

From experience with thousands of people who took professional photos with us, I can tell you - it makes a HUGE difference. As a matter of fact, this Saturday I’m going to a wedding of one of our first customers who met her husband of match.com within a week of posting the new photos she took with us. She is 47 by the way. Like I said before, you don’t have to be young or look like a super-model. You just gotta have a good photo.

Best regards,
Merav KnafoCo-founder


If you need a great photo, check out LookBetterOnline. And tell Merav I sent you!

And if your total profile needs work, !

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord


Uh Oh. Match.com Singles, Check Your Profiles!

Looks like Match.com had mega technical problems last week that shuffled about 10,000 of their 15,000,000 profiles. If you are posted on Match.com, you’d probably better check out your own profile to see if it says what you think it does. You may need to re-write and re-post.

And if you do find major problems (or even if things are as you left them, but what you have could use some sprucing up), you may want to get in touch me for a major re-working. I do great profile work with my Romance clients, and they tell me so on a regular basis. Here’s a note I got just a week or so ago:

Hi Kathryn,
This may be a first for you, but you may have outdone yourself with my profile. I have more quality guys e-mailing me than I know what to do with. Recall also that I have a history of only being able to deal with one at a time.

No doubt you’re pleased with the predicament you’ve gotten me into, as well you should be!


From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord


FarmersOnly.com—I love it!

I’ve lived country and know what it is like to see few if any prospective partners ever. So I just love what FarmersOnly.com is attempting to do: Hook up rural folks who have little time to date, let alone travel any distance to find a Sweetie. But this site and these poor singles definitely have an uphill battle on their hands. I just did a search “woman seeking man” with no other parameters, and 421 men showed up. Some of them looked pretty good, though most had no pictures to prove it.

But they are scattered all over everywhere! Ontario seems the best represented, but most are hither, thither and yon: North Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, Minnesota, Washington, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio. Almost all farm, and do it most of their waking hours. The women seem a little more transportable—some live in towns or cities, but have rural roots or yearnings. But some of the ladies farm themselves: One has a herd of 430 alpacas!

If you are yearning to “get close to the land,” whether you are male or female, this site may be for you. But it’s going to be hard to get any of these folks who are farming already to come to meet you. Likely, you’ll have to do the traveling.

I’d suggest to these farmer bachelors and bachelorettes what they probably already know: They need to make time and space for mate-finding, and then relationship building. If your life is so full and rigid that you can’t even figure out how to make time to date, how do you expect to find someone? And if you do, you are hoping/expecting that this person drop their lives and adopt yours. Pretty big request.

And FarmersOnly.com listers: Y’all need some help with those profiles! Get a picture up, any picture is better than none! And use your spell check! Women, lots of your writings sounded jaded and pessimistic. Not too many fellas would be attracted to:

Tired of games - want to spend time with a man that doesn’t play games, doesn’t smoke regularly, doesn’t do drugs, ...


I am recently divorced and tired playing the ping pong game with the ex. He gave me the country life then took it away f ...

I do profile reviews and shape ups—they are a bargain at $99! See the comments below from one of my satisfied customers. It’ll help, I guarantee it!

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord

Kathryn, I am really happy I found your site and your help. I get compliments from men on my new profile wow. What a boost. Today a guy wrote to me on my ‘Yahoo’ personals .... “I noticed your profile and picture while entertaining my self with a yahoo personals search and I was motivated to give the yahoo people $20 bucks to contact you.” Can’t get much better than that, now can it?? None of them may work out, but at least I am getting contacts. It’s not like I am going out begging to be noticed. They notice me, now!!


Turn Ons and Turn Offs

I’m thinking and writing now about what creates positive and negative first impressions for Internet daters. I’d like to hear from all of you: Email me (Kathryn @Find-a-Sweetheart.com) or post here with what hooks you or turns you off in a prospective mate’s profile, and the same for when you meet the first time. Be specific: Twinkly eyes, well-groomed hands, nicely dressed, or conversely, nose hair, bad shoes, too much perfume—you know what I mean. Send them on, and I’ll report back.

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord


Fit and Active? Snowmobiliers???

When I first saw this site www.fitness-singles.com described, I was offended. Here’s part of the press release:

“The website’s success in matching active, attractive singles, however, sometimes tempts the less active to the site. Whether ‘couch potatoes’ truly see themselves as fit or whether they want to be in relationship with those who are, Mattioli [President of the company] has a message for them - don’t bother.

“‘Not having a chiseled body isn’t a crime on our site, but passing yourself off as enjoying an active lifestyle when untrue does no good,’ explains Mattioli. ‘To save everyone the trouble of a bad match, we’re considering rejecting the truly unfit from our site.’”

Then I was perversely relieved. Get those folks who insist on"slender, attractive, fit and trim” partners off the regular dating sites and onto their own venue. Those demands discourage everyone who doesn’t measure up—or measure down, whatever thecase may be.

So I went over to take a look at the site. It’s nice and clean looking, lots of white. I do wish that the woman picture on the home page (otherwise very attractive and clean scrubbed looking)wasn’t leaning into the camera so much. The shot looks like thenasty surreptitious up-skirting and down-blousing photos that have been making the rounds.

The real surprise is the list of “sports” they include and sort singles by:

Aerobics Archery Badminton Baseball Basketball BMX Bodybuilding Bowling Boxing Canoe/Kayak Cheerleading Cricket Cross-Training Curling Cycling Dance Disc Equitation Fencing Field Hockey Figure-Skating Fishing Football Golf Gymnastics Handball Hiking/Backpacking Horseshoes Hunting Ice Skating Ice/Roller Hockey Jogging Lacrosse Marathon Martial Arts Motocross MountainBiking Orienteering Paintball Pilates Polo Racquetball Race Walking Rifle/Pistol/Skeet Rock Climbing Roller/Inline Skating Rope Skipping Rowing Rugby Running Sailing Scuba/Snorkeling Skateboarding Skiing Snowboarding Snowmobiling Soccer Softball Spinning Squash Surfing Swimming Table Tennis Tennis Track andField Triathlon Ultimate Frisbee Volleyball Walking/Fitness Water Exercise Water Polo Water Skiing Weight Training White Water Rafting Windsurfing Wrestling Yoga

It includes my favorite Racquetball! I’m meeting Drew this noon to play. Racquetball is the ONLY sport I have ever loved.

Now does that mean I would not be bounced off this site? Because I am a racquetball enthusiast? I’ve certainly got a few years and pounds on that cutie on the home page. And they include BMX, cheerleading, cricket, curling, fishing, horseshoes, hunting, motocross, paintball, rope skipping, and snowmobiling in that list of sports! Paintball? Snowmobiling? Those are SPORTS?? I can think of tons of examples of participants who are anything but chiseled and fit. In fact, they could be more described as tons. And what the heck is BMX? Why doesn’t the site include extreme shopping and channel surfing to really round things out?

So I find this site just plain confusing. If you are looking for “active” folks, then your list includes just about everyone. But if you are looking for “slender, attractive, fit and trim” then just say so and not let anyone else on who doesn’t pass the superficial looks test.

BTW, I did a search on racquetball. About 14 folks came up. About half had terrible pictures, a quarter lots of beefcake and too much skin showing for my taste. None looked even close inage to me (mid-fifties and a little chubby).

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord


More Reasons to Always Tell the Truth

Just about the biggest and most frequent complaint that I hear about Internet dating is that people lie, distort, omit, and in general do not present themselves accurately online. Yet very often, these same folks who complain will shave a few years or pounds off their own descriptions, or use a very old photo.

I tell my romance clients to ALWAYS tell the truth. The simplest reason is that it is easier. You don’t have to remember as much. And you don’t have to worry about when the truth will come out. At the very least, you should never lie about something that will be obvious in the first meeting, like height, looks, or age.

The second big reason for telling the truth is that you are trying to start a relationship, and relationships are built on trust. What does it mean if you start out lying? It’s only natural that your date will be wondering what else you are lying about too. That’s a terrible way to start out, and it doesn’t bode well for the future.

Here are another set of reasons not to lie: Like anything else, when a need is identified, someone will step in to fill it. Since Internet daters are concerned about if their dates are lying, sites are popping up where you can report those kinds of inconsistencies and general bad behavior. TrueDater.com is one such site. Bop on over to TrueDater.com and see what’s coming down the pike. It’s a little chilling. Click on “Browse Reviews” and you’ll get a sense of what people are writing. Some of the reviews are linked to active profiles, so you can read the review, then check out what the person reviewed posted. On a positive note, some of the reviews are good, in fact, a lot seem to be.

You can also select a dating site (they currently include five major sites), type in a screen name, and see if there are any reviews of the person. Like Googling yourself, it’s probably going to be a good idea to check your own screen names here from time to time to see if anyone has reported on YOU. Here’s an article with more about what you can find there.

Clearly, as online daters become more sophisticated and learn about how to do background searches and utilize resources like TrueDater.com, it’ll be harder and harder to get away with lying. Good. Pay attention now, tell the truth, and you won’t get caught.

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord


How to Make Your Profile Stand Out From the Rest

In my last posting, I wrote about the best profile essay I had ever seen. I went back to the search page and grabbed the snippets of profile essays that appeared on both sides of one that I thought was so good. Here they are below, along with the good one embedded:

I am an interesting woman who is looking for an interesting man. I want someone who is like me in that they are curious, ...

I live at home with my daughter and her husband and there three kids… I would like someone to think that I am special…

Me: Old but still beautiful. Rich sultry radio voice, lots of silky hair, curvy body, moody, physically passionate, intell….

I am a passionate, spontaneous and independent woman who loves life and life’s challenges. Being cozy with stimulating con ...

I’m said to be a very giving, kind, affectionat, loyal, sincere, honest, fun loving, intelligent, attractive youthful woman…

See why my favorite stood out so from the others? Nothing WRONG with those others, except they are BORING. What makes them boring? Well, they all look the same. They start with “I” and then list a string of descriptors that are trite. How about figuring out a way to SHOW that you are passionate and spontaneous, rather than just saying so? Having to “say so” negates the words, really. How does saying “I am a passionate, spontaneous” sound passionate and spontaneous? It doesn’t. Now my favorite uses “passionate” to describe herself, but look how she shows it: “Rich sultry radio voice, lots of silky hair, curvy body, moody, physically passionate, intell….” She uses passionate imagery in her word choice. Take that first one: “I am an interesting woman who is looking for an interesting man.” She sounds so UNINTERESTING. How could she have spiced up what she wrote?

When you get ready to write your profile, look up others who are like you (same gender and age range) in your geographical area and see what they have written. Then think: “What could I do that would make me stand out in a list with all these others?” The last thing you want is to be the same in a boring list.


The Greatest Profile I Have Ever Seen!

I occasionally go cruising on dating sites, not for old-time’s sake (Drew and I met on Match.com), but looking for good and bad examples of profile write-ups. I’m writing a book now on how to build a great Internet profile and will be using some of my “find’s” in that text. Yesterday, I stumbled on the best profile I have ever seen, made just that much more striking for being in the middle of a page listing nine other singles with the usual boring formats. Tell me if you had the same “Wow!” reaction that I did—here it is:

Me: Old but still beautiful. Rich sultry radio voice, lots of silky hair, curvy body, moody, physically passionate, intellectually challenging. Multi-cat, uni-dog household, avant garde non-traditional lifestyle. You: I love men with tatts and long hair, who can tune up a harley, run a sound board, play a riff and quote 19th century love poetry.Or some other combination of raunchy rebel and demon/angel poet.Orbiting in my life: old houses, vegetable and ornamental gardens, orchards, music, writing, coffee, cooking. And I want to visit Australia and New Zealand!( to see if the blood rushes to your head, hehe)

This woman’s headline was equally provoking (I won’t include it to give her a bit of anonymity) and her photo alluring. She may not be what you’re looking for, and she may present herself in ways that would be uncomfortable for you, but what a graphic picture she paints with words! And didn’t it STAND OUT on the page?

That’s the effect that I try to help my clients create: Your profile needs to get noticed. “Wow!” is the reaction your perfect match should register when he/she read what you present. You future partner should be able to recognize you and WANT to get in touch.

BTW, I had to look up “tatts.” I guess it means tattoos, and not knowing dates me, doesn’t it?

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord

PS Have you got other great profile essays that I’d enjoy seeing? Send them on:


Speed Dating, Internet Dating, and First Impressions

I love the expression “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” don’t you? It’s one of those wonderful short, concise sentences that makes complete sense the first and tenth time you hear it. Like “Liars need good memories” or “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” “That’s so true!” I always think. And that’s what makes these sayings memorable.

Sure enough, in speed dating (as I have been writing about here this past week), first impressions are IT. First impressions and the far-reaching judgments based on them are what speed dating is all about. That’s not quite so clear with Internet dating, but in actuality, first impressions are VITALLY important here too

Most Internet dating sites allow visitors to do a search from the site’s home page: You specify whether you are male or female, and whether you are looking for the same or opposite sex, the age range, and usually your zip code for geographical closeness, and then the site presents you with all the possible candidates listed there who fit your criteria. Those possibles are presented all together, ten or more to a page, with sometimes just a photo and screen name, nothing more! If you are lucky, you might get a couple of lines of the poster’s writing so you can get more of a feel for them besides the quality of their photo.

All it takes is a quick search and scan to see how little time and effort so many hopeful Internet daters put to that so important first impression. That all critical photo? Most are not above average, many are down-right horrible. The screen names? How can Jon735 or LTCSPA get an interested Sweetie to click through to their profile?

Arrgh! Take time. Spend a little money and get a good photo! I recommend LookBetterOnline. All my clients who have used LookBetterOnline have gotten excellent results. And if you’re not a good writer, get help! I do profile reviews and shape-ups, as do a number of other online resources. I’m not going to tell you about the others, because I think you should use me, of course. You can find the others on your own, but why? Frankly, I’m the best. And I am not modest, as you can tell.

Remember, you’re looking for your life partner! First impressions count, and with Internet dating, you may have only a second or two to make a good one. The better you present to the world, the better choice you will have in partners! Why would you want anything less? Make your tiny space on the search screen really count.



Contact Kathryn by phone at , by email at

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