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SAQ# 6. Is it okay to distort the truth?

Why would it be okay to lie to someone you haven’t met but might like to marry?  What kind of a start is that?

The Internet in general and dating sites in particular seem made for reinventing yourself in whatever colorful way you would like.  It’s possible to be pretty much anonymous and hide behind your computer screen, though law enforcement as well as individuals has gotten better and better at breaking through that anonymity and finding the persons behind the screens.  So don’t count on not being found out if you engage in bad or dishonest behavior.

Beyond getting found out, your Internet dating profile and all your communications with potential sweethearts form the foundation of what might be a life-long relationship.  These kind of relationships thrive on trust and can be destroyed by lies.  If you want a relationship that is strong and a partner that is honest, then do you part and behave in an honest and trustworthy fashion.

Of course, the converse would be also true: acting dishonestly would imply that you don’t care about a solid, trusting relationship, and your behavior shows that.



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