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FAQ #10 This shouldn’t be so hard. Why does Internet dating take so much time?

Ah, wouldn’t it be nice if love “just happened” like it does in the movies? The perfect guy, the cute or gorgeous gal, the blossoming passion, the “happily ever after” ending? Of course, it does happen that way—sometimes.

But more often, the match is not movie perfect, if it happens at all. Red hot passion flips to cold reality. What seems so right, right now, becomes so wrong with time. And the older we get, i.e. out of high school or college, where everyone is single and most are looking, the harder finding a perfect love match gets.

Did you realize that the most important decision anyone ever makes is their choice of a mate? More important than the college you go to, the career you pick, the job you devote yourself to. Why should such an important choice be easy? Particularly the best possible choice? Why do we want to leave it to chance or fate?

What if you decided you wanted to go to law or medical school? You’d know, right up front, that that decision would guarantee years of intense focus and work. You would not even question the time commitment. You’d know how much such a choice would require, and you would do it, if only to be prepared for what you would face when you got out of school.

What if you decided to put as much time and effort into mate finding as you would a graduate degree? What if you devoted only half what it would take to become a doctor or a lawyer? What do you think your chances would then be to find the best possible mate for you, given what you have to offer?



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