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Blog Policy #3

I have started posting the full articles of pieces that I find interesting and that I would have linked to in the past.  I post the whole article because I found that the link would often become worthless after a few days or weeks.  No longer would it lead to the original source, so that I could not refer to it, and neither could the reader.  I was constantly fielding complaints when links did not work.  If you object to my posting an article of yours here and would like it to be removed, please contact me.


Blog Policy #2

I try to gather information for my readers about online dating from various sources, most of which I found on the Internet.  As far as I know, what I reprint is true.  My opinions are mine, garnered from the material printed and my long experience in the field.  If something I present is not factual or true, please tell me so.  I am a reasonable person and do not need to be threatened to make changes if I am wrong.  If I find out that you are correct, I will change the posting and/or issue a retraction.  However, if what I have written cannot be proven as untrue but just offensive or bothersome, I will leave it posted.

I cannot control comments that readers post on my blog, but I have on occasion removed such postings if they are offensive, untrue, or irrelevant.  If you question the appropriateness of a blog comment, contact me with the citation and I will review it.


Okay, I Give Up…

I did it.  I deleted a whole posting from July 18.  I’ve gotten about a zillion comments on the posting, mostly nasty fighting from what appears to be the person I mentioned in the posting and her friends and enemies.  I’ve been deleting the most obnoxious comments, but yick.  I’ve had enough.  So beware, if you are one of those commenters, and You Know Who You Are.  No more.  And I will continue to delete as necessary.


Addendum to Blog Editing Policy #1

At the request of the author, I removed two postings by Zenith that were in the comments section of “Hooking Up”‘s Lisa Gets Booted from the Army??? Since these are the kind of comments that I was referring to in my entry Blog Editing Policy #1, I would be more than happy to delete any other comments at the requests of the writers. However, I do not know how to identify “Anonymous” postings, so I guess those are there to stay. That’s why it’s a good idea to identify your writings in some way, with a screen name at least. The “Anonymous” postings are confusing, because the reader can’t tell if it is one or a hundred different authors, or tell who wrote what.

Best, Kathryn Lord


Blog Editing Policy #1

I’ve been running this blog since February and have loved every minute of it.  I particularly enjoy it when something I have written spurs readers to write back in “Comments” at the end of each posting.  Keep it up, readers!  The dialogue is great!

Since I wrote about ABC’s “Hooking Up” a week ago, the comment traffic has hit an all time high.  However, my relatively few words about the Lisa character on “Hooking Up” has evolved into defenses and attacks of Lisa that are not in the tone that I would like to see perpetuated in this blog.  See the comments attached to entries “Hooking Up”‘s Lisa Gets Booted from the Army??? and Kathryn Weighs in on “Hooking Up” .

I will leave up what is already posted in the comments sections so that you can get a flavor of what I am talking about, but if more postings come on that I judge are too vituperative, I will edit the comment out completely.

I don’t mind controversy.  But I do want the tone of this blog and website to be informative, constructive, and of service to singles trying to find a mate.  Attacks or defenses on either side that deteriorate to mud-slinging do not seem in line with my objectives.

As always, I welcome comments to this posting as well, keeping in mind what I wrote above.

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord



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