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Men: Get a professional photo for your profile!!!

Now fellas, I talk to a lot of women who are reading your
profile, and do you know what they almost always say, right off
the bat?  Some variation of “All these guys look terrible!”  And
you know, they are largely right.

Not only do I talk to lots of women, I look at lots of profiles,
men and women’s, and while women have some pretty poor photos,
too, guys, yours tend to be pathetic.  I think that the
women are a little more vain and careful about posting pictures
that are more becoming.

The common wisdom is that men are more visual, and in fact, that
seems to be so.  But that doesn’t mean that the ladies aren’t
looking too, and that they don’t have taste and descrimination.

If you were trying to sell your car or house, you’d clean it up,
maybe slap on a coat of paint, maybe even plant a flower or two,
right?  You wouldn’t post a photo of your motorcycle on ebay that
was too dark to see the details, or with it covered with an old
horse blanket.

Most of us have some idea what helps a car or house sell for the
best price.  Why not use what you know to sell yourself?  Get
your hair cut—and your beard trimmed if you have one.  Take of
the hats and sunglasses.  Avoid the skimpy muscle shirts and put
on a dress shirt at least.

I always recommend LookBetterOnline.com for profile photos.  If
they do not have a photographer near you, then ask around your
area.  Invest a few dollars to improve your bargaining position
with the ladies.  It’ll pay off.  EVERYONE who has followed my
advice and gotten professional photos have had vastly improved

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord



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