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Love Stories From Maine

I love love stories, and they are tops when they come from my home state of Maine, AND they are about couples who met on the Net.

Thers are so good that I’ll print part of each story here.  The rest of the story in the Kennebec Journal.  Go take a look at their picture, because these two are precious.  Both have lots of gray hair as well as meat on their bones.

Stanley Frautten of Dexter was so nervous going to meet his online date that after an hour on the road, he turned around and drove back home.

He sent the woman, Sally Meader, of Vienna, an e-mail saying he had changed his mind—that they lived too far apart, he had been married several times, and he just didn’t think he could do it.

Little did he know that Meader would stand up to him.

"I was kind of mad,” she said. “I told him I didn’t want anyone who played head games.”

He liked her response.

"I said, ‘This girl’s kind of feisty. She’s responding, but she took me wrong,’” he recalled. “I wasn’t playing head games—I was just nervous.”

They decided to meet two weeks later, at Ken’s Restaurant in Skowhegan. The day before that date, his car broke down. So he took a taxi to Bangor to rent a car.

"I didn’t dare to cancel again,” he said.

He got to Skowhegan two hours early.

"I was nervous, but after a few minutes at the restaurant, I was OK,” he said. “We never stopped yakking the whole time."

Here’s couple #2:

Mike Harnish and his wife, Laura, of Readfield, met in an online chat room three years ago. He lived in Bangor; she, in Augusta. Both had been married once before and had children.

They met at Speedway 95 in Bangor, as he is a race car driver.

"We talked, and I know I certainly wanted to talk more,” he said. “When I first saw her I said, ‘This is good.’"

Now for couple #3, and this couple is meaty, too, but the long and tall version:

Jennifer and Scott Neumeyer of Augusta also met in a chat room, about 10 years ago. He lived in Spokane, Wash.; she was attending college in New Hampshire. Friends had told her about meeting people online.

She flew to Spokane on Scott’s birthday. She says that when she saw him, she knew he was “the one.” She was attracted right away to his 6-feet-9-inch-tall frame, as she comes from a family of tall people.

"I was just like, ‘Wow, I think I’m meant to be with him,’” she recalled. “I pretty much knew. It was the height; it was the intelligence. I was going to finish the semester and transfer to Spokane. I couldn’t stand being away from him. I thought about him, I called him all the time. We had ridiculous phone bills.”

They got engaged, he moved east, and they were married in 2000 at St. Mary’s Church in Augusta. A year later, they had a baby girl. Scott, 29, works at the state Department of Labor; Jennifer, 36, at the state Department of Conservation. She says she would recommend seeking a mate online.

"It’s actually safer than meeting people at a bar—it really is—because he got to know who I was, not based on what I look like. I’m not Angelina Jolie by any stretch. He got to meet my personality first."

Aren’t those stories wonderful??!!!

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