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Love those bloggers.  Cate Sevilla pokes fun at Internet dating…

Hot fuss: why is online dating still treated as though it’s mysterious and new?

Cate Sevilla writes…

Can we get over this whole “online dating” thing and stop calling it a phenomena? After its initial boom and mystery practically 10 years ago, why are we still freaking out about it? I suppose that it’s still technically new, and that the Internet and social networking and meeting people online is somewhat scary to the more conservative and the blessed technophobes.

However, surely mainstream media is a bit tired of analyzing the mystifying concept of online courtships? Between the “It’s dangerous! It could kill you!” forewarnings, the Bridget Jonesy “It’s so hard to find a nice bloke online” articles and books, why are we still *realizing* that its just as hard to meet The One online as it is in real life?

I’m not sure why people are still under the illusion that:

a) it’s easier to meet people online

b) tech savvy daters online don’t understand that most people lie or are exaggerating to some degree, because they do

c) if you meet someone online they will definitely try to kill you

d) it’s a good idea to meet someone you hardly know at their remote farmhouse in a forgien country because you talked on the phone once or twice and feel a *real connection*

Look, maybe I’m just used to being around bloggers, tech nerds, and people who spend more time indoors hunched over laptops than they do outside in the fresh air...but I just don’t understand the fascination any more. Sure, I think there are some news stories regarding online dating which are newsworthy. If you’re giving actual advice instead of just moaning and whinging about how you meet complete losers all the time and GOD WHERE IS HE ALL READY, that’s just boring. Online dating can be cool, but must we really mull over the same angles, news stories and columns every damn week?

Some new stories I’d like to see on the whole internet dating story or how the internet effects couples are the following:

-Couples who got married after meeting online: do you still email each other? Do you still refer to your husband as SexyIsBack343? Do you read all your old chat sessions together every anniversary and reminisce? Do you spice up your sex life with random acts of cyber sex, just to keep things interesting?

-Are you a parent who’s son or daughter who only dates people they find online? Are you concerned, or does it seem normal to you? Or are you too busy trying to wean your son of WoW to care how he meets girls, and are just happy he’s attractive to someone, somewhere?

-Are you the partner of a famous blogger and/or web celeb? Do you get sick of them posting *cute* photos of you on Flickr and sharing with the world your flatulence problem?

-Have you caught your online boyfriend cheating on you on Facebook? Did an unsuspecting coworker tag a photo of him taking a jello shot off some girl at his office party? Did you totally change your relationship status after that?

See? Wouldn’t that me a new, fresh angle on the whole dating and relationship culture online? Wouldn’t you want to read that instead of how some dude met some chick and she was a lot uglier than she was in her photos, whilst never actually admitting that he too lied about being 25 and an ex Abercrombie & Fitch model?



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