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The 1/13/2008 NYT article that I wrote about in the last blog posting included a list of questions that came out of the meeting of the First Wives’ Club.  I thought they were so interesting that I’ve posted the questions below.  What are some of the questions you have had when you realized your marriage or relationship was really over?

January 13, 2008
What to Ask When It’s Over

The questions that arise after a divorce can be every bit as tough as those that precede the decision to part. The following were drawn from conversations among the women who attended the First Wives World meeting on Jan. 2, and from postings on the group’s Web site:

1. Am I emotionally strong enough to move on? If not, how do I become stronger?

2. What are you looking for, now that you’re single again?

3. My spouse cheated on me, so why do I feel like a failure because my marriage didn’t work?

4. Before dating again, shouldn’t I first try to get comfortable with being alone?

5. Will I stay in touch with my ex’s friends and family?

6. If children are involved, how do I cope when they are under another roof?

7. How soon will I start dating again? If there are children, how will I explain it to them?

8. In terms of my ex, is it ever a good idea to get physically or emotionally involved again?

9. What is the one thing I want to do now that I would have never done when I was married?

10. In addition to lines like “Forget about him” and “Move on with your life,” what divorce clichés are you most tired of hearing?



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