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What do people lie about online?  BeNaughty.com weighs in…

Here’s a very interesting survey by a British dating site about what singles like about.  A whopping 29% lied about the level of their debt!  I rarely hear about debt as being of concern.  Most folks get angry about lies that concern looks, like old photos or guys who say they are taller than they are.  Maybe Brits worry less about being over 6 feet—this survey says only 5% lie about height anyway. What’s the purpose of a lie about height, when anyone can tell on a first meeting?  Come to think of it, debt likely is easier to hide. 

BeNaughty.com Survey Exposes Britain’s Top Fibs

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Britain’s top fibs exposed in BeNaughty.com survey.

1. Debt (29%)

2. Smoking/drinking (28%)

3. Weight (24%)

4. Number of sexual partners (14%)

5. Age (13%)

6. Salary (11%)

7. Fidelity (9%)

8. Hobbies (8%)

9. Job/employment (8%)

10. Education/qualifications (7%)

11. Travel experience (5%)

12. Height (5%)

13. Where you live (5%)

14. Physical endowments (4%)

The number one thing we lie about in the UK is our own personal level of debt, according to a new national survey into our biggest fibs.

The Truth Be Told survey, commissioned by online dating site http://www.benaughty.com, revealed that nearly a third (29%) of the 1,028 people between 16 and 64 that were interviewed said they lied about how much money they owe*.

Running a close second (28%) of the things people lied most about was how much we drink and smoke.

And third in the benaughty.com survey, with just under a quarter of votes (24%), were lies about how much we weigh.

Number of sexual partners comes fourth in the list (14%), while a person’s age is fifth (13%).

Surprisingly, the thing both men and women lied about least was the size of their physical endowments.

Men versus Women – who are the biggest liars?

While just one in seven men lie about their weight, the figure leaps to more than one in three women.

The benaughty.com survey also reveals women lie slightly more than men when it comes to debt (30% compared to 28%), and are similar when lying about their smoking and drinking habits (28% and 27%).

Max Polyakov, EasyDate Ltd chief operating officer, said: “I admit I was surprised by the results of our survey because to be honest I expected most people to say they lied about their age or their educational qualifications.

“People must feel pretty ashamed of their financial situation or how much they drink or smoke if they feel the need to lie about it. These are really important things and honesty between people is really very important for relationships to survive and develop.”

http://www.benaughty.com will offer its website users the opportunity to compare themselves against the survey results, to see how they compare with the various national and regional trends.

Notes to editors

*Research conducted by TNS OnLineBus among 1,028 GB adults aged 16-64.

Interviewing was by CAWI over the internet between 24 and 26 June 2008.



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