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Guys, marriages and eHarmony…

Back in January 2006, I wrote a blog post that said eHarmony claimed 90 singles a day were marrying because of eHarmony.  This article below says the numbers are now 236 people marrying a day who met on eHarmony.  I’m not a big fan of eHarmony, but you can’t argue with success.  What are the stats for Match.com and Yahoo! Personals?

eHarmony says its goal is not just to find users dates—It wants them to get married. In fact, the company claims that 236 people a day in the U.S. are married as a result of meeting through their site.

Part of a comment on OnlinePersonalsWatch by Evan Chase:

...while some men find eHarmony a pain in the butt due to all its hoops in guided communication, I actually like it and find it a must have for men dating online.

It’s actually more efficient due to the fact that you don’t have to be creative about your answers until long in to the communication process. How many different ways can you answer, “Your Idea of adventure is?”



I have started a petition to demand that Eharmony accept gays. Please spread the word and help me out!


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