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Match.com scores big in new members!

According to Online Dating Insider, Match.com gets 25,000 new members a DAY!  Match is always the top dating site that I recommend.  Yes, you’ll see the same old profiles that get posted by non-paying members and then never taken down.  What’s the risk if you are not paying anything?  But a serious dater needs to check Match daily to see who is new.  Do not fall into the trap of “there’s no one here that I like today, so Match.com is no good.” Keep looking!  Match is the best show in town.



25,000 a day is huge! Where did they all come from? Are there that many singles around? How come I can’t find any? I have to try these online dating sites one of these days. I might find HIM there.

That’s a lot! It seems that these online dating sites are really popular.

I wonder why if people is so interested in finding a mate, the possibilities to stick together are inferior. lol.

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