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Nigerian Scams on the Dating Sites

Most Internet users are aware of the “Nigerian Scam.” Heaven knows, I ‘ve written plenty about scams, Nigerian and otherwise.  See these blog entries. Here’s a story below about Nigerian scamming right on dating sites.  For sure, never, never, never send, loan, or give money to anyone you meet on a dating site.  Note also the resource identified here, Romancescams.org

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord

State Dept. Warns About Internet Dating Web Sites

(CBS) DENVER The U.S. State Department has issued warnings for users of Internet dating services. People posing as eligible singles are turning out to be scam artists from Nigeria and other countries.

CBS station in Denver KCNC-TV’s reporter Rick Sallinger spoke with victims of the fraud.

Shawn Bland of Aurora, Colo. was hoping to find a companion so he signed up to become a member of the Web site Singlesnet.com. It didn’t take long before he received an approach from someone calling herself Kelly Williams.

The picture Bland received was that of a beautiful woman. Williams said she would “never lie to him, never cheat him, and she wanted to be with him forever.”

Her profile on the Web site indicated she was from Oregon. But after several rounds of Internet communications, Williams told Bland she was actually living in Africa and needed some money.

“Well hunnie am planning to come back to state,” Williams wrote in bad English adding, “I have a little problem about to complete my flight ticket. I want you to help me with funds.”

This sounded very familiar to U.S. Postal Inspector John Salanitro. He said the next step is the scam artist sends the victim a phony check or money order.

“They will tell the victim please cash that and wire a percentage of the amount and keep the rest for your troubles,” Salanitro said.

Pamela Duncan of Colorado also went on the Internet through Singlesnet.com in search of love. Someone calling himself Anthony Little found her. He said he had a son and sent a photo of himself and a young boy.

“They tell you that you are Godsend that you are beautiful, that you are an angel falling from heaven,” Duncan said.

Little sometime later claimed he was working in Nigeria and needed help with money for a plane ticket to Denver to visit Duncan. She sent $700, but when the plane was to arrive at Denver International Airport there was no Anthony Little and no son.

“It made me feel I was violated, it was almost like rape,” Duncan said.

She searched the Internet and found a picture of her “Anthony Little” on a Web site called Romancescams.org. Now she has joined that group to alert others to beware.

“I have met people on RomanceScams.com who have lost their homes, their businesses. I have heard of people losing $50,000,” Duncan said.

Despite that she is not giving up looking for love online.

Shawn Bland is dumping the so-called “Kelly Williams” for a new prospect in Oklahoma. He believes she is real.

Quin Lipin the owner of Singlesnet.com told CBS4 such scams are common all throughout the Internet.

“People try to take advantage of other people by pretending to be whoever they want to be,” he said.

Lipin said his Web site has blocked communications from Nigeria, but the scammers can mask their addresses to get around that. He said his company will delete an account if they believe it is involved in fraud.

Romancescams.org urges users of Internet dating services to be careful when receiving contact from people using bad grammar and asking for money. Its Web site is filled with information on how to avoid becoming trapped in such fraudulent schemes.



why on earth would someone send some stranger money when they have never met them or even talked to them on the phone?  i’m sorry to be offensive but how dumb can you be?  if you lost money to a scam like that, then you probably deserve it.
quit whining and grow a brain.

I met one of these Nigerian scammers online....he looked like a model and talked about his little boy who was staying with his sick mother in Africa. He was over there helping his mother. She needed an operation and had no insurance......Oh Brother!! I “played him” right back for the sport of it. I offered to fly over to be with him but he preferred to fly to the US instead...of course he was short money, called me “his love”, and anything I could send would help. As soon as he asked for money I pretended to be the FBI and told him he was busted, the Nigerian authorities would be at his place any second to arrest him. He dropped the IM chat that very second!! It felt good to have caused the slimy creep some anxiety...bet he was looking over his shoulder for a while! ;-)

The truth of the matter is that not all Nigerians are bad.I agree that there are a lot of bad guys here in nigeria,but the economic and financial crime commission is doing a lot to curb this.

There are various forms of scams. Some are legalised and accepted. For example, banks and other instituition lure people into borrowing and buying things on credit. Large shopping mauls deceive people with their sales/specials. The insurance company create fears in peoples hearts so the could buy insurance policies.

The one practice on the internet is not different. Those guys are using their brains to make ends meet. They should not be blamed. The people that respond to their demands are to be executed. How can you trust a person you have never met?

I am a Nigerian and I have been encoutered scams perpetuated by Europeans. They are more sophisticated and tempting. I played quite along with the girl untill she gave up on me.

I frown against scams, but remember that the whole earth is under siedge

i signed up on fling.com and in one week i came across, three woman that all,claimed to be my soulmate,askig me to marry them.one said she was in west africa,buying antiques,for her shop in santa monica,and then customs at the airport in
lagos,nig.made her mis flight and she had to pay
airport tax of $650.00could i send it to her.it didnt feel right,so i stalled her she gave up..her name is crystal n zarow.her e-mail,is
still usesit i saw her there on 08/12/07

I joined singlesnet.com last year in November. Got a response from a gentleman claiming he was from Hawaii. He said all the right things, I continued the so-called relationship for 8 months, then finally figuring out, he wasn’t for real. He kepts telling me he was on business and was trying to wrap things up to be w/me. Needless to say, I got tired of waiting and called his bluff.

Approximately 1 1/2 months ago I got another e-mail from singlesnet.com, keep in mind I was no longer a member on the site, but could still receive responses; anyways, I got an e-mail from a guy claiming to be from Michigan - he called himself “Kelvin Williams”. Man was he good. He told me everything I wanted to hear, all the things I wanted in a relationship. He would call me every day, twice a day, and chat w/me on IM. He told me he loved me, wanted to spend his life w/me, all the right things. And yes, he was also traveling in London, then to Africa. He said his profession was a “Sports Agent” for soccer. Well over a month passed, and he was ready to come be w/me. But the kicker of it all, he needed $500 for the visa’s for himself & the boys. So stupid me, sends it. Then the weekend he was coming to be w/me, I got a call the day he was to leave from the airport. Said there was a problem w/the visa’s. Now he needs $1200 more hundred dollars to have the embassy correct the problem. Again, stupid me. Not even having the money, the well has been dry for a long time, I find a way to send him the addt’l monies, via money gram, to Nigeria, Lagos, to a guy he met in the hotel he had been staying in. Yes, I told him I wasn’t comfortable sending it to this guy, why not him. He proceeded to say he didn’t know his way around there, and to trust him, it would be fine. So a week passes, again, he states he has his tickets to come to me. I go to the airport, no show for Mr. Kelvin Williams. Yes, stupid of me to believe him again. Then later that evening I get an e-mail from a gentleman calling himself Kelvin’s attorney “Harry Gold”. Right!!! Well, Harry tells me Kelvin has been arrested for fake airline tickets, but not to worry, everything is under control. Well here I’m frantic, still believing Kelvin to be real and sincere, wanting to be only w/me. So I continue to get updates on how he’s doing in jail, but now he needs $1700 more dollars to bail him out so he can come home to me. So now I’m frantic, still believing this man. Then I tell my sister the whole story. She looks up the dating scams in Nigeria, calls me this morning, and tells me to not send him any money. Thanks God she did, because I was seriously trying to figure out a way to get the money to him.

To finalize my stupidity, I am sharing this story w/all of you to forewarn you to not fall for any of their bullshit!!! Yes, this is exactly who & what these men are, bullshitters. Any way to make a buck. And to top it all off, this is the 2nd time I’ve been scammed from this damn country w/in the last year. But no more!!!

All I want to say to all of you damn scammers out there “GET A FUCKING LIFE”. And how the hell can you even look @ yourselves in the mirror every day knowing what you’re doing to innocent, caring individuals. And to finalize my comment, God will punish you for these terrible acts you are putting on others. And I firmly believe, what goes around comes around, two-fold. One day you will be punished for this!!! I may be nieve and trusting, but @ least I have a conscience and would never hurt any one. This is how I sleep comfortably every day of my life!!!!

Gawd, what a story, Debbie!  Here’s where you should go to report what happened:  Internet Crime Complaint Center http://www.ic3.gov/


Wow, after reading these stories I can’t believe people actually fall for these scams. I hope people can see the pictures these scammers post. It is easy to see that the pictures are of models of some kind, they are to perfect to be so despartly seeking love on a dating site.
Another tip is after about two chatting sessions on IM they start telling you they think they are falling in love with you. That’s the big tip off right there. Look for long pauses between your messages to each other. Many scammers are using a translation program for the conversation.
I have notice many scammers use am instead of I am.
Also always one of their parents have just recently died or they are really sick. The scammer always somehow ended up in Nigeria although they claim they once lived in the United States.
I personally like to have fun with them, for instance when they ask me for money, usually they ask me for $300. I tell them something like,” oh my god you just beat me to the same question, I was just about to ask you for $325 because I’m behind on my internet bill will you please help me.
I also tell tell them I just recently won 20 million in the Nigerian lottery and I will be coming there soon to claim my money so there will be no need for them to come to see me I will be there to pick up the love of my life.
If you really want them to want to get off the chatting session really fast start bringing up sex. Most of these scammers are men and they don’t want anything to do with sex talk.
Well I hope some of these tips might help someone out but the bottom line is why would you send someone money whom you have never met.
So why not have so fun at their expense.

Watch out for singlesnet.com.  Mine was Angelina Dawson.....she was good but I was better.  Called her hand and raised her 100 dollars, as I too was “Struggling Financially”, and did not have plane fare to visit my “sick mother-in-law”. 
;-) Tre’

I too encountered a Nigerian Con Artist on Singlesnet.com. He/She/IT claimed to be a “Taye Abifarin” from Dallas, TX. In fact, she was from Nigeria. Needless to say, she started asking me for money. She involved me in an extensive chat via Yahoo. i refused from the beginning to give her any such funds. She became angry and vicious after a few days. Then I discontinued. Definitely stay clear from Nigerians. If they are really so interested in meeting you, why can’t they come to the U.S. of their own resources and contact you once they are here? The other group of con artists are from Russia. You notice them instantly by their lousy grammar. They use cheap translation software apparently. The U.K. is full of scams as well. Be tough, don’t give in to these requests. I talked to a Western Union clerk, and he firmly advised me that you WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY if you send to a person you haven’t personally met. Only send to people you know well, and whom you have met first-hand, and whom you can trust. I think you shouldn’t even associate with these criminals even if you know they are fake. They are dangerous and ruthless, causing millions of damage. Report them to the webmaster and move on.

Your not gonna believe this but a girl named Taye Abifarin (aka Jessica) has been talking to me on the internet for 3 days now, says she lives in Dallas, and is in Africa for her brothers funeral. I got suspicious and done a web search on Taye and this site popped up, THANK GOD!!!! Anyway she says she’s gonna be coming back to Dallas in about 7 days, so now that i know what i know, (Which i will keep secret from her) I’m gonna go as far as possible with this as I can and GET HER DAMN HOPES UP, I hate the internet, no I love the internet, really CRAZY i am, and lonely; I don’t know what to do, I want to keep her strung along like she has done so many others, DOES THAT MAKE ME THE SAME AS HER, to fabricate my life to her from here on out, The problem with the internet is you put up virus protection, firewalls,etc. and your mind set is that your protected from the internet, that thought of protection puts your guard down on something as simple as talking to a harmless, pretty lady on the internet, (no not her she’s to pretty to do such things) well it’s probably not the persons pic to begin with, Yea i know get a brain, what about those of us who want a companion and are so nice they become gullable, and hopeful, it’s CRAZY I KNOW.  please respond to my (almost misfortunes) and thanks to this site…

Hi Mark—well, I’m glad you found this site, too.  I’ve just finished posting some great new articles on scamming and how to protect yourself.  These articles are dirt cheap at $1 each, and instantly downloadable.  Take a look in “Your Sweetheart Store” here on this website: Look under “Sweet Deals.” Here’s the link:

What ticks me off the most about these scammers is that they are using some innocent person’s picture and by doing so, possibly ruining their lives.  They are taking advantage not only of those they try to scam, but also those that have their pictures on the web.  They even use pictures of their “children”.  If I even mildly suspect that someone is a scammer, I report them.

I have come across quite a few con artists.
The middle eastern accountant in Chicago. Or Importer traveling in Africa with his young son. Fortunately, I have not fallen for any of their ‘lines’. A very big clue to anyones’ sincerity. is, the speed with which they become infatuated or fall in love with an internet connection.
Now, I am like most men and women here. I want to find a mate. But I am not foolish enough to think a stranger can fall in love or deeply infatuated by a few IM chats or email exchanges.
Anyone who falls madly in love with me that quickly~~~~has major issues. So, as soon as I become a little suspicious my antennae are up. And I distance myself. If they are sincere, they will understand. But if not...it is not long before they say “goodbye”.
And~~~why would I send anyone money? I work too hard to give it away for a sob story. Love may be blind~~~but it sure should not be stupid.

I met George and he came on very strong.  He was falling in love with me.  I have a 15 year old daughter and he has one at a boarding school the same age.  He’s a widow and is looking for someone to help raise his daughter.  He even sent pictures or her and I spoke to her on the phone.  I kept telling him to slow down and that we needed to take things slower.  He says he’s the Chief Engineer or the Ship Merchant Bravery.  He told me he has homes in UK, Calif and now would like to buy one in my town.  His daughter called me this morning to ask for money for her School Exams.  Her dad is
coming home in 5 days, but she needs the money now.  I told her I couldn’t hear her so she needed to email me.  Haven’t heard back from her yet.  But funny how he called me this morning, then she called.  He told me he makes 22,000 Euros a month and is planning on buying an oil well next week.  He wants to put it in my name as well, so I’ll always be protected.  I wanted to believe him for some reason, but realized I am getting scammed..................  Thank Heavens I didn’t send any money.

Joyce, I would say that you are right.  There’s a big chance that you are being scammed.  Why would anyone making the kind of money he says he is leave his daughter in a financial bind?  DON’T SEND MONEY!!!

Kathryn Lord

I just started the internet dating thing about a month ago. I have been talking to 1 person for about a month now, and the other two for a few weeks.....I can see how someone would send money to a stranger. ...1 is lila ivanova, she claims to be from russia, but her I.P. comes back plano tx.. She contacted me on my space, I think she may actually be working out of tx. but claims to be russian, she asked me to get off the dating site and contact her at yahoo...her e-mail is . I just found her on a scam site. #2 is . Same thing with her, but her i.p came back to the u.k....Same form letters as the russian girl...no direct answers to questions...23 yrs old beautiful,and her cover shot looks like a pro did it, and of course she say’s she’s a virgin...The third....That one hurt, I really thought I loved her. and I know it’s one chance in a million she’s for real, so i won’t give out her e-mail and phone # till I’m 100% sure. She claimed to be from n.y. 2 weeks after we started talking on the internet, she said her job asked her to move to Africa. She say’s shes American, but when I finally talked to her on the phone it was obvious she is not. All her i.p.s including the ones she said she sent from N.Y. were from Nigeria, her phone# is out of Pankshin, Nigeria I don’t know if the phone# means anything, but it might help out another lovesick fool.....The more I write the more I realize what a compleate fool I am, and you should never put your heart and soul out to someone you have never met....Don’t people have honor or morals these day’s???. I’m 41, never been married or had children, and I still think I believe in fairy tales. I guess it’s a wake up call, but it hurts like hell. I never sent any money to any of them, thank god I don’t have much..lol. Eve hasn’t asked for money yet, but I fear it’s only a matter of time.... till the money line. I know this is a long letter, but thanks for letting me get it off my chest. I now realize I’m not the only sucker out there, and I have an obligation to inform other people. Thank You...Brian

What a story, Brian.  Thanks for posting it here.  I am sure it will help others.  Best, Kathryn

I just wrote the above article. I have one more to add. One of her profiles is ,.....0112347036833866 was the phone # she gave, or beautiful_love2000 on Amature Match, or . 3 diffrent profiles so far. She tried to get me with the old B.T.A. ploy. She professed her undying love, but when I said no to sending the money she turned into Frankenstien. Of course all the pictures are of beautiful women, and her chat picture is diffrent as well. She claims to be 27 in all 3 profiles. Claims to be a “News Caster”.lol, she can barely write or speak English.

I was amazed to read so many stories of scams from Nigerians. I to have been scammed. My scam came in a different form.  I met this guy on migente.com. He was living in Accra, Ghana but is from Lagos Nigeria. To make a long story short we developed a friendship centered around GOD. (as though I thought) He would say he was praying for me all the time and witness the word of GOD to me. I really thought he was real and honest.  Then the relationship changed into us becoming more than friends.  He confessed his undying love for me. Every day he called me 7-10 times per day.  Things were just not adding up for me about him. I asked him how was he making a living in Africa? He would tell me he was managing a magazine called EFine Entertainment.  He even sent me pics of the cover and pages. But I found out later these were just pages he created in MS WORD.  Moreover, later he told me he quit his job which was not a job at all. He would seem to have all this time to just email me and call me ALL day. So after a month, he moved back to Lagos Nigeria and this is when things changed. He started giving me all these stories about how hard it was in Nigeria to find work and how its not like the U.S.  Here I am believing him and feeling so sorry for him. The reason I was really falling for this was because he was using GOD in his scam. Being a Christian myself I thought we had a spiritual connection.  He always put so much pressure on me about being married, having kids and comging to the U.S to live with me.  He didnt directly ask for money. No, this tactic was different. He would complain and talk about his problems so much to draw sympathy.  So, I offered to help. The only money I sent him was for his bus ticket back home to Nigeria which was 120.00 USD.  Now he talking about getting his passport and it will cost 240.00.  At first, he told me it would 140.00 now its more. I started evaluating this entire relationship and I know now I’m being scammed. So I’ve stopped it as of now. I feel that any “man” who takes money from a single mother is less than one. I’m just glad I was able to rethink this and come to my senses.  I don’t want to single Nigerians out. I think there are predators of all kinds online or just in the world you meet face to face.  The most important idea is the “awareness” and to pass on the information to others to possibly prevent this from happening again.  Please, if you receive any emails from a guy from Nigeria, calling himself “Destiny” and says he’s a African Hip hop rapper, please run!

this is his info

He also goes by the name EFine



These stories sounds like the scammer who contacted me.
i was new to this online thing- The very day I signed up on Match.com, suddenly this thing pops up on my screen and says,” hello Pretty”, get on yahoo ????// my email is I guess the new009 meant I was new and his nineth scam for the day on his shift. He called himself Steve Phillip. He was using a nice looking man’s picture. (also a victim). He purported He was with his son, tom, in lagos, Nigeria waiting on the delivery of his antiques.  Eventhough, I had not heard of the dating scams, a red flag went up.
Antiques from Nigeria?  I was familiar with nigeria from some friends who years earlier had been missionaries around the Lagos area.
Anyway, he came on so strong. He wrote like a scholar...very educated. Quoted scripture and everything. I checked his IM message on the quotes; they were paraphrased but right on subject. He spoke on there eloquently.  He said was ready for “real love”.  He had been single for 5 yrs. and was celibate and he was not waiting anymore.  He saw my profile and he knew that I was “his REAL LOVE”.  I said,
I am too old for you.  Your profile says your 52 and I am 66.  He said, oh, age is just a number.
He begin the beautiful words of romance, I wanted to be just swepted up off my feet, but I knew that I knew that could not be real.
After reading all the romance scams....it sounds like they have a prolific, well organized , moneymaker going on. We are their suckers! (they think). I am sure they all get together and laugh until their stomach’s need stitches at what they pull. 
He said the same as I have read in other reports.
Our IM was really going good..his romantic words was impeccible. ..I was the greatest thing to him, calling me honey, hun and babe. “Hun”, is what my father called my mother!  Even more attractive to me.  He was very patient with me .  Could not wait until i signed back on each day.  He sent me more pics of himself and of tom his little 11 yr old. I had a bad feeling because i thought the pics had been doctored.  He said his mother was German and his father was from Tulsa , OK and they married when his father was stationed in Germany.  He was born in Germany, even sent me in email a copy of his German Passport. (fake, of course). They moved back to the states and the family settled in OK.
I knew that this was not all adding up ...but
I still wanted to believe it.  Right in the heat of things, one day I signed on couldnt wait to hear those beautiful words...lol… and he started right out differently than other times with his mind blowing love words....this time- “I got robbed today, my son was hit really bad and he is in the hospital, I got my back hurt when they hit me in the back with their gun”. I questioned; “why are you at the motel on computer with me and you trust your son to be alone with those people?  Then he starts wanting money for this and that????  I knew right then it was a scam!
in my subsconcious mind I knew it was all along
but I had to have a mindblower to get through my reluctant brain.  after that everything went downhill.  I challenged him with questions and it got so tough for him he could not go it anymore and decided he would leave me alone.  When they see your not going to budge- they are finished with you.  He kept on my IM as a contact...I let it sit there - one day i came on and I guess he got to thinking his love words would have had time to seep through and I would have missed them and give in- so I ans. his BUZZ!  He asked me how I was doing- I thought, “ Gosh , he is such a romancer”!  Wishing it was all true…
but reality had to get into gear....I think we all that have programmed our minds to love with such fast, convincing come on’s....we put our whole being into it...it is HARD to deprogram our minds....like a cult. .anyway, after the first few words, he said, “You don’t want to help me get back home”.  (Tulsa) I said, “okay, I will personally come to Nigeria and escort you home, Virgin Atlantic can be there in hours”.  He got so mad he said , “your not going to help me”!  “BYE”!  I then found it necessary to take Steve Phillp imposter OFF MY IM. 
So I was victim #??????????? . (just my time, not money.) hope this is helpful to someone who may have been or could become a victim of such organized malicious scams. Someone needs CNN on to these stories of dating scams online. They reach millions.
We want love and when someone messes up our thinking....it does harm us, emotionally.  Move on, take it for what it was , being realistic and live a better life than before! On purpose!

When I created CountryWideDating.com, I had no idea that the scammers were using online dating websites to lure their victims. I then started to notice very attractive women showing up from every state and they all had two things in common. 1) Very high quality photos and 2) very poor grasp of our language. These scammers come from Nigeria, Amsterdam, Russia, and some home grown. Their scam is always the same, complete devotion and a real need to meet you because their love for you is so deep. Then they hit you for a money advance or to cash a check for them. For the most part it has been “Woman looking for men”, but we did find a handful of “Men looking for women”. Because I hand wrote the website code, I am able to detect these scammers before they contact to many people. I can’t say here what our security procedures are, but we catch about 95% to 98% of them. Our users notify us if one gets through and starts a scam. Everyone caught is instantly deleted and blocked from further use of the site. What’s my point you ask? It’s simple. Before you join an online dating website, scan the photos of the female members as much as you can. Pay attention to the photo itself and the quality of it. If looks suspicious and out of place (too good compared to the other members) then it’s a scammer. If you find some females then there will be male scammers as well. A lot of sites will not delete these profiles because the “pretty pictures” attract new members. Both Pay and Free dating sites are guilty of this. Good luck and don’t give any one, any where, any money at all!

i think theyre good. I evern read this one How to on MoneyGram and sometimes they uses this service.

Wow.....a girl from eHarmony (Ithink she was a girl)named Kristy Williams tried to scam me just yesterday. There was so many suspicious things about this that I finally confronted her about trying to scam me. I haven’t heard from her since. On eHarmony, she stated that she was 28, from Millington, MI, and of hispanic decent. Her mother had died in car crash, her father was disabled, her bother and sister were living with her father in Tijuana, Mexico, but she grew up in Millington. She said she was a nurse working for UNICEF in Nigeria. She’d send pictures, which I still have, but said they were from 3 years ago and she had no way to take any current pictures. I speak a little Spanish and she did type messages in Spanish with very good dictation. So I wondered if she was from Mexico posing to be some Christian, nurse who helps children at a hospital in Nigeria. She wanted to meet me and I told her to come here and she agreed. But then.....the topic of money came up. She was short money for the flight. And what was odd was that she would have still been short for the flight even if i gave her the amount of money she asked for. She asked me to send it via Western Union. Of course to many red flags were up for me so I thought no way! What is interesting to me now is if Shawn bland, from the story above, was talking to the same person I was. Isn’t it odd that so many of these scam artists used Williams and was in Nigeria somehow also??!!?? Good luck to all and stay smart!

This is a wonderful group with wonderful people, they have many scammers listed there, and you can always find help and support with this group.

I know it seems that people who fall for people and give them funds might be silly.  But these people at patient, kind and romantic to you to gain your trust.  They take time and seem to become very real.  It becomes bizaar when they are in the other country.  I was contacted by a man on Match.com named Randy Harrison.  He said he lived in North Carolina and we would meet.  However he had to go to the UK to bid on a deal and then go to Ghana first.  The steps to money are slow and they bank on they have a piece of your heart after months of sweet talking and it starts small. First luggage was lost and he needs some clothes.  Then his credit card is blocked and needs money for a hotel.  Then as a civil engineer, he gets hurt on the job and needs money for surgery in the hospital.  Then needs money air an airline ticket.  The needs money for some fee for a large check he’s carrying.  I lost $2,000 but I could have lost up to over 11k to this person if I complied.  It amazes me that the government is just as corrupt as the scammers so it continues.  And from what I understand some of this money ends up in terrorist hands.  This needs to be stopped.  So we need to get this out in the open.  Write the your congressman, senators and anyone that will listen and apply pressure.  It’s taking money away from American’s via dating sites and the internet.  This hurts our economy more and funds criminals.  Let your voice be heard to everyone you can find or that will listen that might be able to stop these idiots or we will continue to be violated.  Ignoring this issue should not be an option.  Brainstorm on how to stop these people.

Well i am not a scammer as u may think. But we here are seeing lots of things we see them causing trouble and influencing the young ones like from the age of 14-so on and the even bring bad name to our country. I am a Jehovahs witness i know u would know that. All this things we are see now is bcos Satan Rules this world and will do any thing to take people into destruction. But we know Jehovah wilk never leave us. He has promise a paradise on Earth.myadvice is to leave those dating and look for a real tin

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