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SAQ #12: Why should I hire a romance coach?

Well, of course that is a nutty question to ask a Romance Coach, isn’t it? Maybe that’s why I seldom hear it. And here’s the short answer: Hiring a Romance Coach will help you have better results – increase your chances of finding the best partner possible. Who wouldn’t want the very best results they could get? You are looking for a person with whom to spend the rest of your life.

Let’s say you want to learn a new skill like playing tennis, or the piano. While we all know that you can go out and buy a piano or tennis racquet and even learn how to plunk out a few tunes or have a fun game or two, we also accept that the better you want to be at something, the more likely it is that you are going to need help to get there. That’s why people hire piano teachers and tennis coaches. They help you get better results.

Since finding love has seemed a private venture, unless family or friends took charge, professional help finding love is a relatively new consideration. But as more and more adults have found themselves single and Internet dating sites have opened up a world of opportunity (and risk), going unaided into the fray seems less and less like a good idea.

I can help you present yourself more attractively, get ready to date so that you will feel confident and relaxed, learn the ropes of Internet dating and dating sites so that you can pick the best one for you and use it to your best advantage, screen potential dates as well as prospect for the hidden gems you might have missed. I can help you write the best first emails, get more emails back, and then build to your first meetings. Clients well into courtship and even marriage keep in touch and occasionally ask to talk on the phone, because they know of my expertise in relationships as well as meetings and courtship.

Now, you tell me: why would you NOT hire a Romance Coach? Me, for instance.  Doesn’t it seem sort of nutty not to?



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