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Find a Sweetheart Soon on Amazon!

The reviews have started for “Find a Sweetheart Soon!” And they are GREAT!

Wow oh wow, I am so THANKFUL for these lovely reviews, for all of you taking the time to request a book, then read and write. And what I particularly like from what these first two reviews say is that is realistic and practical, descriptors that I hear about me all the time. For sure, I do not want to be unrealistic and impractical. How would that help you, right? So here are the first two, .

This first review was unprompted by me at all, was posted on September 1:

It is a great step by step instruction manual. Discover how to ‘sharpen’ the image you present to the opposite sex & how to eliminate or lessen the obstacles that prevent you from returning to the dating field. Lots of practical advice. I enjoyed the ‘homework’ that helped me decide on what I wanted in my life & how to get it!

(The reviewer Marcy titled the book “Very practical” and gave it four stars.)

Here’s the second one:

I have read just about every book out there on dating, especially internet dating, and this is one of the very best and most useful. Not only am I an internet dater, I’m also a writer and wrote an article about getting back into dating in your 50s. For the article I surveyed the millions of books out there on the subject and Kathryn’s is really one of the top ones on how to actually get yourself back out there, especially on the internet. One of the things I like the best about it is the realistic approach it takes. So many of these books are “pie in the sky” idealistic ones that are written for 20 year olds or raving beauties or people who are so highly driven/charged that it’s really not too hard for them to work it. For me, as the 50-something custodial mother of teens who has been somewhat badly burned by my divorce, it takes a pretty strong dose of support to get me past the hurdles and back on the scene. Kathryn’s book provides this—and all the jolly, fun parts too, like suggestions on making a “map” of how to get from where you are to where you want to be. I heartily endorse this book!

(Ginger’s review is titled “One of the best guides I’ve read” and she gave it five stars! Ginger has been a loyal fan for years and has been generous with her advice and feedback on my writing.)



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