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Back in Mississippi for Now…

Well, we are back. It’s been over two weeks now since I have posted here. I had hoped to do so while we were away in Maine and Massachusetts, but we were plagued by veeerrrry slow Internet service (or none at all), some of it because our house is on an island, and some because of Hurricane Katrina.

Maine was wonderful as always, made more so because we have been having construction work done there, in preparation for Drew’s retirement next year and our spending more time in Maine. The anticipation of getting there was tough, because we hadn’t seen what was being built for a long time. But we were happily very pleased with the progress. Glad to see that all the decisions and money spent were to the good.

We got back to Mississippi Sunday night to a standing house that was pretty much as we left it, except for spoiled food in the fridge, a downed fig tree, and a sprung storm door. Gas lines and no fresh food in the stores, but things seem to be getting back to normal quickly. The kitties were glad to see us, if only because we opened the doors and let them out for the first time since we had left.

So I’ve got some catching up to do here on the old computer, website and blog. Stay tuned while I read up one what’s been happening while I have been away, and have chance to summarize for y’all.

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