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Consumber Reports, But Unreliably

I along with lots of others grew up with Consumer Reports being regarded as close to the bible as a reference book.  So I was interested to see that Consumer Reports has taken on the Internet dating industry to review.  I even mail ordered a copy to see it.  “Should be good,” I thought.

Well, I could have written a much better analysis.  Take a look at what they wrote for yourself.  What’s really creepy is that they infer that True.com is safest and nicest: If Internet dating gives you pause, try True, whose screening of members and customer-friendly privacy policy make it especially reassuring.  Not what I have heard, about the niceness anyway.  I’ve written about True.com a number of times here on this blog.  Take a look at some of my entries.

I don’t want to sound too snotty, but you’ll do a lot better reading my blog entries about the biggest of the dating sites.  Consumer Reports?  Shallow.

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Dear Kathryn,

I agree - consumer report organisations and most newspaper reporters have no idea what really happens during your search - the worst in the article was in my opinion that “in one month, our reporter received more than 200 e-mails from the five sites. On the busiest days, she had more than 20 new messages from potential suitors; on the slowest, only a few.”

So what is the message? 200 Emais are just 200 Emails - the information is worth nothing.

Gebhard was misspelled on my previous post - please correct

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