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Cupid or Fate? Nah!

Oh Lordy, if you want a giggle, trace down the leads in this short piece below.  I did, and GAWD, I love the British sense of humor!  Match.com in Britain has launched a series of ads about two characters called Fate and Cupid.  The main point is “Do you want to leave your chances of finding love to Fate and Cupid?”  And with these specimens, for goodness sake, NO! 

First, I went to and did a search using “Match.com+ads+Cupid” and got a whole line-up (8) ads featuring these precious inventions.  I can just imagine the sessions the writers had when they were thinking these commercials up.

Then I found that Cupid and Fate have their own website, which is even better.  All the videos are there, and they even have a game.

Why doesn’t Match.com launch this campaign in the USA?  Probably because we don’t have as good a sense of humor as the Brits.

Not only are the ads hysterical, they bring up the best point: Leaving your love life to Cupid and Fate?  Come ON!  Get real.

Best, Kathryn

Match.com unveils campaign for New Year push

Match.com, the online dating site, is encouraging people to “make love happen rather than leaving it to cupid and fate” in a new advertising campaign that breaks on New Year’s Eve.

The campaign introduces two “lazy, hapless” characters called Cupid and Fate, who spend their time doing their hair and filling in magazine quizzes rather than connecting two star-crossed lovers. It has the strapline: “Don’t wait for Cupid and Fate. Find love for yourself at Match.com”.



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