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Getting Older, Getting Online, and Getting It On

I’ve got romance coaching clients all over the age spectrum, from early 20’s, all the way up to early 70’s. For people who have grown up with computers (those a bit younger than I am, for sure: we didn’t even have pocket calculators when I was in college, can you believe it?), using the Internet for your love life makes perfect sense, since every other part of your life can have computer connections, too. But for older folks without the easy familiarity of computers, technology can get in the way of finding other interested singles for company and even love.

Some years ago, I tried to give my parents a computer so that they could communicate easily with their kids and grand kids. Mom and Dad wanted none of it. No place to put it, they said. It’s interesting, isn’t it, how rude refusing to learn computerand Internet skills can seem? For those of us who live lots of our lives online, we can’t imagine life without easy email communication, and when someone doesn’t have a email address, we almost don’t know what to do. It’s the 21st century equivalent of not having a phone.

After my Dad died, I tried again to get my mother interested, this time showing her all the cute guys who were online looking for a honey. No, still not interested. “Who would want a 75 year old woman?” Even showing her men who clearly were was not enough of an enticement.

Well, Mom showed me, because she found a fella on her own, or more precisely, they found each other. They are getting married on April 2 (she’ll have just turned 81), and yes, I’ll put up a picture to prove it. In a neat twist, her honey George (he’s in his mid-80’s) is computer savvy, and we exchange an occasional email. Mom’s best friend up the street, also in her mid-80’s, bought herself a computer, took a course, and now is online too.

If you are 50, 60, 70, or older, or know someone single in that age category, daring to try computers and/or getting sharp in your keyboard and Internet skills with VASTLY open up life and options. More and more people just like you are daring to master PC’s . You’ll be so glad, once you have done it, too.

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord



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