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More Hysteria and Puffery from True.com

Am I psychic or what? Here’s yet from True.com about trying to legislate background checks. and get a sense of the of True.com’s attempts to appeal to fear and paranoia. Even though I expect press releases to be exercises in puffery, True.com is going over the top. In the first sentence, the release claims that True.com is “the premier online relationship service.” “Premier” means first in position, rank, or importance. Mark Brooks’ Online Personals Watch ranks True in 7th place.

Of course online dating has some risk attached. Plain old traditonal dating is dangerous, particularly for women, and Internet dating is not exempt. Singles have flocked to Internet dating sites over the past few years, dating sites have become big money-makers, and the press has noticed. As you know, in the media, “If it bleeds, it leads.” Blood, danger, and risk gets readers and viewers. So you’ve seen lots of stories focusing on the dating danger associated with the Internet.

What you haven’t seen as much are tales of the success stories: Like 12% of marrying couples now meet in cyberspace. Or the research coming out of England that indicates how successful Internet dating is. Take a look at my collection of the more optimistic stats connected to online love.

So read scary material about Internet dating with caution. You can do online dating and be safe. It’s not that hard. And keep in mind that scare tactics like True.com are using are meant to separate you from your money.



Plain old traditonal dating is dangerous, particularly for women,

Kathryn, kathryn.  How could this be true?  Where are your stats?

I think it is dangerous for men, as there are any nubmer of predatory wimmin’ out there these days, lookin’ for the free dinner, or a man to support financially their personal choices for the next 18 years.

As a member of the “all powerful patriarchy” (geez, howcome I never see all those benefits and power that I supposedly have), I must point out that traditional dating, unless the hook-up is a result of work, or volunteering or somesuch where you can observe the person’s behaviors over a period of time, is potentially detrimental to BOTH sexes.

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