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The New York Times ran an article recently about a study done by three economists on the experiences of Internet daters. What did they find? Surprise! The most important variable was looks. And posting a photo got women twice as many emails.

Following an all too human tendency to overrate ourselves, only 1% reported being “Less than average” in the looks department, which of course is impossible: Need I point out that 50% would be average and above, and 50% average and below? Women reported themselves substantially less that the national averages on weight.

Men who reported incomes of greater than $250,000 got 156% more emails than the relative poor who made under $50,000. And guys who stated they were interested in a “Long term relationship” got a lot more email than those who said they were “Just curious.” The worst thing a guy can say is that he is “Seeking a casual relationship.” Those guys got 42% less emails. Now, if a woman said the same, she got 17% MORE. I wonder why?

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