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Rings for Singles from Singelringen.com

Now, here’s a good idea, though Matt Katz, writing about www.singelringen.com, doesn’t sound sure.  Singelringen’s Swedish founders are trying to start a movement linking being single to being cool, and signifying one’s single status with a ring, turquoise with a silver lining.  No instructions on what finger or hand to wear it on.

Here’s what I think is so great about it: If this became a movement, then singles would have a pretty reliable way to identify other singles.  Now, folks scan to see if someone’s wearing a wedding ring, but the absence of a ring doesn’t mean that a person is single.  Particularly with men, for whom wedding rings are optional, even if they are married.

What Internet dating sites do that makes so much sense is that it helps singles identify easily other people who are looking for dates.  Unfortunately, you can’t assume that these folks are really available (as in legal), but they are self-identifying as looking.

The rings do the same offline, in the real world.  And it is a little hard to imagine someone wearing a singelringen if they weren’t single.  Though of course it is possible.  But what if it falls out of your pocket in the washing machine and your spouse finds it?  Gotcha!

Wasn’t there some attempt a few years ago to sell single women diamond rings for their right hands?  Can’t remember what they called the rings, but I am pretty certain that the diamond industry was hoping it would catch on.  Frankly, that felt a little pathetic, like, if no guy gives me a diamond, I’ll buy one for myself.

Singelringen’s sound different, signaling single status for both men and women.  Very handy.

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man, that’s a whole new variation on taking your ring off when you’re married and want to appear not to be—in all the detective novels the white strip of skin on the ring finger gives the philandering husband away. now he’ll just put a singelringen on and no one will know!

Now there’s a wrinkle I hadn’t thought of.  People wanting to deceive can be so sly!

I have a singelringen and I’m loving it.  There’s a party at the Puck Building in Manhattan tonight and I was able to get a special ticket price if I prove I have my ring when I pick up my ticket.  Today there is a Swedish Midsummer Eve celebration at Battery Park and the Puck event is like also a Swedish midsummer thing. 

I was at the Thursday night garden party at ONO in the Meat Packing district (very cool!) and there were some very nice looking, interesting guys wearing singelringen there.  I go back and forth between Boston and New York and it was a great easy way to meet someone in New York.

I heard from my friend Yumiko that singelringen is very popular in Japan now.

What a great report!  Nice to have a first hand report!


Thanks for the tip, Carol and Kathryn.

I got a singelringen and if nothing else it’s been a conversation starter.

Hey - I wanted to let you know that Singelringen was picked up as one of the 6 Hot Items for Fall on the NBC Today Show yesterday morning.

I would quess this single ring idea is one way to let others know you are single. But it occurs to me , here lately ... What about something specific to singles> Only item. I have been single a few years now and this is been a hinderence to me. I see a woman in public and not wanting to appear threatning or pushy. I wanted to let her see I was interested and single, but “safe”. Risk speaking to her ...what do you say off hand.  Maybe of color or type of clothing… no… See the problem. Bear in mind half of us are now single according to latest records.

I think the singles ring is a brilliant idea. You have married couples signaling their statues, but how do singles show theirs? With a ring like this!

I was seriously thinking of looking up some of them newspaper websites, but am glad I came here instead. Although glad is not quite the right word… let me just say I needed this after the incessant chatter in the media, and am grateful to you for articulating something many of us are feeling - even from distant shores.
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I consider the singles ring is a bright suggestion. You comprise connubial couple signal their statues, but how do singles show theirs? In the midst of a band reminiscent of this! Thanks a lot….!!! :) :)

Yeah, I wanted to let you know that Singelringen was picked up as one of the 6 Hot Items for Fall on the NBC Today Show yesterday morning.

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