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TrueDater.com: Another Way of Promoting Honesty in Internet Dating

Here’s a relief from all my blathering about True.com. I saw this site (TrueDater.com) written about in Regina Lynn’s interesting column “Keeping Online Daters Honest.”

TrueDaters.com works to keep online daters honest in the best way I can think of: by allowing those who have dated them to write reviews. Right now, the site allows reviews of profiles listed on American Singles, JDate, and Match.com. Add more, add more!

This is such a good idea whose time has definitely come. It’s like writing book reviews on Amazon, or transaciton reviews on ebay. What better way to know what’s beyond a book’s advertizing puffery that to have comments from readers?

You write a review by picking the dating site where the person posted and then entering their screen name. Here are a few typical reviews I grabbed from the site:

February 4, 2005, pactigers… Great catch
He looks much better in person. Has a dry sense of humor. Very witty, nice and a complete gentleman. Isn’t into playing games. Appreciates independence so if you’re a needy person don’t bother.

January 18, 2005, sweetiepie5656… not honest man
i think he was not honest,he put in his profile how tall he is and he was way shorter,and he just wanted sex.only did not communicate well,weird i thought and very aggressive.

January 20, 2005, Malas Citas… Nice guy, ready for relationship
This is a TrueDater… he looks just like his picture, he is really sweet and nice. He doesn’t speak english that well so it would be a plus if u spoke hebrew. He is totally loooking for a relationship… Are u going to be the lucky one?

March 25, 2005, blondybug… what he will do to get laid
Ladies steer far away! At first he seems genuine and sweet but its all a lie to get u in bed. He will make your heart melt with sweet things but they are all to get in your pants and once he does u can bet ur pants hes back on jdate to find a new victom. STAY AWAY! dont waste ur time

I wonder how easy it would be to fake a review of yourself. The first one looks a bit too good to be true—why didn’t the lady follow up with such a gem?

FAQ says you can post for yourself, if you want to correct somenthing that was posted, but very rarely will they remove an entry. You also can have friends post for you, if the postings are accurate. The site does allow you to browse a bit, but like the dating sites, wants you to register before really digging into what they have to offer.



If a member is honest then they will receive a positive honesty point from other members.All members will be able to see each others honesty points which will assist them when deciding to contact their potential match.


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