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Do you want sucessfully find love? 100% success?

Years ago, when I was a newer Romance Coach, a prospective client with a fine-tuned sense of business asked me about my success rate in helping singles find love.  I said that was hard to establish, because people hired me for various reasons and jobs, plus I had no control over what they did with the help I gave.  And that is still true.

Most folks that I help, truthfully, I never talk to.  Thousands of people get my enewsletter *eMAIL to eMATE*, visit my blog and website, buy and read my books, and I never hear from them otherwise.  Some people talk to me once only, and that is enough for them.  More people hire me to do a specific job, like helping them build a quality profile package, and then I never hear from them again either.

But the clients I truly love working with hire me to get the job done – to help them find a mate – and stick with me until the job IS done, sometimes even longer.  With those folks, I can confidently say that my success rate is 100%.  Yes, that is right: 100% of the people who hire me, stick with me, take my advice, no matter how long it takes, eventually find the love they are looking for.  Here’s why: I am good at what I do.

But…though I’d like to take full responsibility, a huge factor in mate-finding success is persistence.  These folks stick to it.  They may get discouraged or scared.  They may get angry at me or the whole darned process.  They may take a break now and then.  But they are persistent, do not waver from their overall goal of finding love, and eventually, by God and with help from me, they do.

Now, many people who I help but never hear the results from also find love, because they too persevere.  They keep at it.  You only have to get lucky once at this game, and you make your own luck.

I know that some people give up.  But the people who are successful do NOT give up.  And those who stick with me never give up.  I never give up on them either.

So want a 100% guarantee that you will find love?  Hire me to help and stick with me.  We’ll figure it out.  I promise.



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