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10 FAQ: 2. Does Internet dating work?

I’m working on answers to my 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions.  This entry is my response to question 2. Does Internet dating work? Here’s the list of the full 10, then my answer to 2. Does Internet dating work? below. Probably one or two are questions that you have too.  I’ve already answered 1., and you can find those responses by clicking the link.

1. I am so scared I don’t know where to start.  What can I do?  For my answer, click here.
2. Does Internet dating work?
3. What is the best dating site for me? 
4.  Why don’t they answer my emails?
5. I don’t want to be recognized on a dating site by my family/friends/clients/co-workers/students.  What can I do to prevent that?
6. Shouldn’t I try eHarmony?
7. Is it okay to lie about my age?
8. How do I tell my date about xyz?
9. There are no good men/women where I live.  Should I even try?
10. This shouldn’t be so hard.  Why does Internet dating take so much time?  Shouldn’t love “just happen”?

2. Does Internet dating work?

Now, on the surface, this sounds like a dumb question to a Romance Coach who met her husband on Match.com.  Of course!  We are living evidence that Internet dating does indeed work, and work well.  And it is not just Drew and me.  Internet dating is working so well now that 17% of newly marrieds over the last three years say they met online, 30% of those on Match.com.  Particularly since 9/11, online dating has gone mainstream.  If it wasn’t working, people wouldn’t be saying so.

The important thing to recognize is that Internet dating sites are not really the matchmakers some would like you to think.  It’s better to realize that they are like glorified telephone books or catalogs.

Everyone listed is looking for someone.  You can’t be sure what they are looking FOR, or how available they really are, but they are looking.

It’s up to you, though, to do the work and make your luck.  The phone book won’t make the call for you, but will help you find the phone number for an individual or business.  The catalogue won’t order a shirt or dress for you that is the right size and looks great.  You have to do the picking and choosing yourself.

A better question would be “Does hiring a Romance Coach work?” For that, the answer is an unqualified “Yes!”  At least, hiring THIS Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord.

Every one of the singles who have hired me to help them find love, have taken my advice, and have stuck with the process has found a loving partner. Every single one.  And by the way, I have NEVER advised anyone to stop looking.  Very occasionally, there will be someone who, for whatever reason, I simply cannot work with.  We may agree to disagree.  But never have I given up working with someone who really wants to find love and is willing to keep going until they do.

So here’s the secret: Internet dating works, and works very well, IF you know how to work it and are willing to keep at it until you succeed.  Part of the success may be hiring a coach to help you with what you don’t know.  But if you find yourself saying “Internet dating doesn’t work,” the real reason is that you haven’t figured out how to make it work for you.  That’s where I can help.  Because Internet dating DOES work.



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