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Match and paid/unpaid

Here’s a posting I ran across on the net about the paid/unpaid dilemma on the dating sites that I have written about before.  This guy describes another wrinkle: Match seems to alter emails containing email address so that the recipient can reply outside of the Match.com system.  It does confound me how and why people would try to get around the rules of dating sites.  Goodness! The fees are dirt cheap if you join for 6 months or more.  Not bad even for a month.  Wouldn’t you pay a dollar a day for access to so many singles? 

Subject: a warning about match.com

Hello all!

Well, after being a paid member of Match.com for a week, it behooves me to share what some may consider a not completely honest business practice of Match.com.

So here’s the deal. If you are an unpaid member (I fathom many females belong to this class), email messages sent to you may be altered before you receive it! I (male) sent some email messages to a couple of female members but got no response. Having a relatively high self-esteem, I wanted to test out the match.com email system. After setting up an test (unpaid) account, I used my paid account to send an email with my hotmail address in the body of the email to the test account (and CC’ed it to my paid account). In the CC’ed email, the email looks exactly as I wrote it. However, in the unpaid account, the original hotmail address became the talkmatch.com address (the address Match.com assigns to its (both paid and unpaid) members!
Maybe Match.com specified this behavior in its member agreement (but who reads it?), but I still think the email system of Match.com is not honest in that the CC’ed message looks unaltered. I bet this behavior has caused many men to think something’s wrong with them because the unpaid females members don’t respond (unpaid members cannot send replies).

Just something for you all to keep in mind the next time you think about signing up for an online dating service.

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord

PS Take a look at this blog posting for more on the matter of paid and unpaid.



Free should mean just that.

Free is like the air we get, all the air that you can breath is yours.

Q.    How are the emails I send to other members anonymous?
  A.    Match.com preserves your privacy by directing your emails through our double-blind system — our exclusive technology that strips your real email address and replaces it with your username and the talkmatch domain (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) ). Then the system forwards your messages to the members you’re emailing.

Sending anonymous email.
One way to contact members is by clicking the “email me” link in their profiles. The other way is to address your email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) , inserting the intended recipient’s username. Note: You only can send anonymous email from the address you gave us when you signed up.

Replying to email from other members.
DO NOT SIMPLY PRESS YOUR REPLY BUTTON. Doing so may reveal your real email address. Before you send your reply, ensure you’ve turned off your auto-signatures and auto-responders. Read through your responses to ensure your actual email address does not appear. Make certain not to copy (cc:) or forward email to yourself when you send a message from your own email program.

Thanks for the post.  What do you all think of the future of blogging?  I have been reading a lot about google’s attempt to gain preferential treatment for its site from internet providers.  This will result in their sites being faster than sites owned by individuals and/or smaller comapnies.  It’s my beleif that if google is able to succeed there will be far less websites out there and therefore far less blogging.
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