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Valentine’s Day Blogathon

I was invited by fellow coach Ronnie Ryan to be a part of a “Valentine’s Day Blogathon” on her website www.after40datingtips.com  Ronnie’s gathered up five more writers (seven, including me and her) for a week’s worth of helpful articles.  Here’s the schedule (I am on February 15th):

Thursday, 2/10 – Marla Martenson
Friday, 2/11– Bobbi Palmer
Saturday, 2/12 – Terry MacDonald
Sunday, 2/13   – Paige Parker
Monday, 2/14 –  Ronnie
Tuesday, 2/15 –  Kathryn Lord
Wednesday, 2/16 – April Braswell

So hop on over to Ronnie’s blog—the articles have already started.  For sure, check out mine on Tuesday 2/15: it’s called “Rejection: Better than you could possibly imagine”  PS “Rejection: Better than you could possibly imagine” will appear here on my blog on 2/25, too. 



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