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SAQ #1: Is there a best time to get online and start looking for love?

Yes and no. 

The yes?  The very best time to look for love online is the period between New Year’s and Valentine’s Day.  Conversely, probably the worst time is between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

The reasons are related: By the time that Thanksgiving arrives, singles have about given up on getting a date for the holiday festivities and have decided to buckle down and somehow survive the “going it alone.”  They think “Maybe I’ll meet someone over the holiday, just maybe, and if not, I’ll join a dating site after New Year’s.”  Many singles find the holidays distressing, and to be working the dating sites at the same time is just too much.

Then, once the holidays are over, the resolutions are made (“I will not go through another holiday season by myself!”), and the natural “It’s time to get down to serious business” of the New Year kicks in.  And Valentine’s Day is on the horizon.  Activity on the dating sites soars.  No single serious about finding love should miss this six plus weeks of action.

What’s the “No” part of the best time to look for love? 

Putting off your search gets you nowhere.  Stalling just gets you older, and older is not better. 

The only reason(s) to wait is/are those that make you more marketable, like finishing your divorce, shaping up your appearance, or getting some money together to finance your efforts. 

But be careful that taking the time to make improvements is not just a way to continue avoiding getting down to business.  Even getting on a dating site at a slow time of year, like between Thanksgiving and Christmas, or during August, when everyone is soaking up the last of summer, can be good, because you can figure out the site, make corrections to your profile and approach, before the traffic gets heavy and the race begins.

Looking for love is anxiety provoking and easy to avoid.  Don’t let fear control your love life.



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