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Another Love Story: Saying “Yes!” to Love!

Wow! I’ve been hearing great stories lately about love! Is it spring? Or is love catching? I think love is quite infectious, and I like to think that I am the carrier. What do you think? Here’s another story (slightly disguised for privacy) of budding love—I adore it!

Just a quick note to say hi—- all is going well in my romance…...Since you have lots of folks I will remind you of my story…I used Match.com - and dated a few, 3-4 guys, and then got introduced to a man at my church by a woman there…..and it was instant chemistry. We met at a pot luck in January and have dated ever since. The romance heated up when he was on a 6 week work assignment overseas…..now on Sunday he goes off to the Middle East!!!! But only for 10 days…..we are now using the “l” word…so it is getting serious!!! YIKES!

I thought you would be happy to hear of a success…..even though I did not meet him on line, and even though I only spoke to you once, I do believe that there is some kind of support that comes from knowing there are resources like you out there - and I do believe I was strengthened by setting an intention to go on line-even before my friend told me of you. Somehow I told myself and the universe I WAS ready…....and then this sweet man emerged.

Just to let you know I am truly smitten…..I have enclosed a poem I wrote to him…..I figure all romantics like love poems…...life is good -new job new beau! And spring too!

Have a great weekend….


Karen writes here about something I am convinced about: That once you start getting the “yes/no” switches inside you firmly into the “yes” position, finding a Sweetheart becomes more and more likely. Not only do you start looking for “yes’s,” you start telegraphing yes’s too.

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