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Are You Safer at Home with Your Family, or on the Internet?

Well, I don’t know of any figures that compare the risks of the Internet (which gets a lot of play these days) or the risks of living at home and in a family, but just a few minutes ago, I was listening to the news on TV while I got dressed.  Three stories in a row described recent murders of family by family.  The little girl and her best friend who were stabbed to death by one of their fathers.  The family in California (five of them) who aparantly were shot by the husband/father, who then shot himself.  And then a third story, right in the spirit of the first two.  I forgot the details of the third, I was so overwhelmed by the first two.

Does that kind of risk—that living in a family can kill you—mean we should not live in a family?  That we should all live alone, barracaded in our bedrooms?  Of course not.  Similarly, we need not avoid the Internet because some risk is involved.

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Sad, Kathryn, that you would choose stories where the man is the perp.  Perpetuates the incorrect stereotype.  And often when ID’d as the “husband” it is really the boyfriend. 

In fact, in-home violence and family violence is down, with the only uptick between white non-married couples.

How about a little equity, and perhaps cite Susan Smith, or Clara Harris, or some other pinnacle of femininity when citing family violence?

You guessed it,
I am

The Geezer

Ooops. I neglected my my usual gender balancing act in this posting. Too flattened by the stories mention to think clearly. However, Geezer, note the very next posting up the page for an example of female on male violence, and also the entry on May 4 about Jennifer Wilbanks (https://find-a-sweetheart.com/blog/2005/05/are-you-runaway-bride-even-if-altar-is.html). While Jennifer can’t be accused of murder, she certainly dealt her boyfriend a pretty low blow.

I know all too well that women can be brutal and even murderous. However, guys do tend to draw the blood more often and get the coverage to go with it. Women’s anger is less bloody, but no less nasty.

Yes, women, according to the “statistics” are hurt more often, but that is masked that most female on male violence is underreported, due to wimmin’s weapon of choice, poison, which makes it look natural, or their inclination to “hire the hit”, which is then recorded as “multiple offender” rather than woman offender.  Don’t fall into the DV diva’s trap of data diddling.

And Jennifer Wilbanks is simply an attention whore.  C’mon, 140 in the wedding party, or somesuch?  GeezusHkeericed, woman, it is NOT all about you.  Remember that enuch that is gonna hand you the ring???

/Rant mode

(Rant mode off, for those of you who do not write code)

Geezer, on a roll on a Monday morning.

Your humble servant,

The Geezer

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