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Houston Dating Services Has Odd Practices

Houston Dating Services sounds like they ought to take a few lessons from the Australian matchmaking service Millionaire Matchmaker International. Houston Dating Services charges more than Millionaire Matchmaker International ($4000 vs. $2995) and it sounds as if Houston Dating Services doesn’t even bother to go out and find dates for their fellas: They set them up with their own employees!

Isn’t there another name for that sort of business, like “Escort Service”? (That’s the polite term.)

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord



Geez, Katherine.  Sounds good to me.  What is the problem? 

I always like to see guys who think they can “buy thier way into someone’s heart” get taken.

In fact, I am not sure that is much different from them dating any young hottie, save for this way you know what you are paying for.

/ Rant

The Geezer

Here are two very devious date sites, one is phone and the other is a charge to setup people.

1.  Telemates...sounds innocent,but is pure garbage.  Men are charged to to reply to womens supposed voice ad, then she can reply to him through his mailbox if interested.  What this really is, is a grouped bunch of houston escort services that have their girls and operators do this on this side without really saying there will be a meet charge, but build up to asking for money after as long as a week or several pretending to just be some innocent woman seeking a man.  It is blended in with many real women placing ads at Telemates to mix a truth with lie type scenerio to make the actual puzzle hard to figure out.  It can also be noticed that a man can reply to 0 womens mailbox ads and get maybe one or two feedback responces up until his one week credit card membership runs out, then while his membership is mysteriously not valid until renewed he gets around 3 messages in his mailbox per day but cannot retrieve them until he pays more, so if curiosity gets him, he pays again and these messages will be indless mindless garbage and when he replies, guess what??  Nearly never is there a responce.  Sure a man figures this out, but on average how many weeks of this trash will he invest in?  Two weeks?  Fours weeks, Now multiply the until he learns with perhaps 2000 men paying the initial price of 19.00 per week or the 29.00 a week package…2000 men times an average at even 19 a week would be….EXACTLY!!!  Now tell me these people aren’t extornionist and criminals.

2.  Great Expectations…for the supposed mature adult looking for that long term…Well my guess you already know about these crooks.  These fiends even over the phone talked to me at their Houston office and a lady named Marsha even said Oh Earl a man with the sexy upscale voice as yours and you being the in thing for women at your age of 51 most women Earl want your age group and sexy voice type in a week!!!  And urged me to come to their little office in Houston and sign up for their FEE.  I SAID NO !!!  They called with different con artist approaches around twice per week for two weeks.  I would hang up.

Sincerely yours,


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