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More Info From and About PerfectMatch.com

PerfectMatch.com has added new bells and whistles.  They’ve
developed what they are calling Duet(R) Analysis Profile.
Probably using more testing (Argh!  Don’t we all LOVE those
looong personality tests?), PerfectMatch then coughs up more data
for those looking for a mate: In addition to the basic details
(location, age, occupation) the site also identifies the person’s
values and ideals, does a “Life and Lovestyle” descrition, and
analysizes personality factors (risk-taking, intensity and pace,
outlook on life, and variety).  All look good.  I’d love to have
that info if I were actively looking right now.

PerfectMatch gets mixed reviews, from me and others.
Particularly for women, because the gender ratio is so bad: At
least 2 women for every guy.  Of course, that’s good for the men-

This also points to the importance of taking those questionnaires
VERY seriously.  TAKE YOUR TIME if you sign up for a site that
uses them.  Do not rush through the process!  It’s your future.
It’s important.  Go slow.

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord



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