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Steve Friedman writing for Match.com’s online newsletter tackles “Why must men always pay for dates?”  If you’re interested in the man’s point of view on this controversial issue, take a look at what Steve has to say.

Basically, Steve understands the meaning behind payment, particularly for women.  And he does pay, for up to three dates.  But then he introduces money into the conversations they are having about hopes and dreams, and if all goes well, the two start sharing the expenses of getting together. 

What’s really informative is that it is clear, through Steve, that men are watching the women, too, and how they handle (or don’t handle) who pays for what.  These days, when women easily can be making as much or more than their date, sharing not only seems fair, it seems expected.

So guys, expect to handle the costs in the beginning, but ladies, step up to the plate early on and plan to pony up some dollars.

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord

PS And see what I have written before on this topic here and here.



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