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The Downsides of Marrying for Money

If you’ve ever thought about finding a millionaire to marry, you ought to read Valerie Gibson’s article in the Toronto Sun: “A Million Reasons to Marry”  While the middle of the article is all about Patty Stanger’s site The Millionaire’s Club, Gibson throws in some interesting tidbits at the beginning and end. 

(You might also want to take a look at The Millionaire’s Club site: I can’t believe anyone with ten cents would join such a tacky looking site, frankly.  But the deal is obvious, I guess.)

(And I have written here about the Millionaire’s Club before: take a look.)

Here’s what Gibson identifies as the risk of marrying rich: 

He may not stay a millionaire.  He could lose his money and/or end up in jail. 

You may be treated as an acquisition that he bought and paid for—which in a sense he did.  And he may feel that money is all he needs to contribute to the relationship.

Here’s my piece:

You could become as disposable as last year’s Lexis.  Especially as you age and lose your looks.  Rich men want the goods they are paying for, and looks and youth are usually part of the deal.

Your rich guy may not be rich.  The fancy car could be leased, the debt could be sky high.

And if you have money, don’t bother signing up with The Millionaire’s Club.  Owner Patty Stanger says “Most successful men don’t want successful women.”  Stanger also lists advice for women who want to marry a millionaire:

Always be a lady.

Always be nice to him and make him happy (being a good cook is essential).

Make his life easier.

Stay positive.

Be willing to relocate.

Don’t be a gold digger.

Be energetic and enthusiastic.

Have long hair and wear minimal makeup.

Cultivate what you shine at.

Be intelligent and educated.


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