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Twitter meets Sweethearts

I’ve been experimenting with Twitter a few months now, and I’d have to say I am semi-hooked.  How’s that for ambivalence?  It’s fun watching the Tweets of the people I am following scroll down the left side of my screen (I use Twitbin to do it).  And I like the quick, immediate way Twitter allows me to communicate with MY followers, which are accumulating every day.  That part is fun to watch too, those folks who find me somehow and sign on for the ride. 

People get hooked on Twitter.  Interesting as well as useless applications turn up every day.  But here is one that really floored me: Leave it to the Twitterites to come up with a DATING SITE base on Twitter:  http://www.mytweetheart.com/  You’ve got all the standard dating match-up possibilities, men seeking women, women seeking men, men for men and women for women, as well as men seeking men/women and women seeking men/women.  I just saw a posting by a man seeking men/women and the picture he had posted was with his wife and kids!  Lordy. 

But it is free, and it would be a real challenge to write a profile in less than 140 characters.



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