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Watch Out for Nigerian Scams!

Here’s an interchange by email between me and one of my readers which I found scary and therefore worth posting here as a warning to others.  My answers are in red:

Dear Kathryn,

Am getting marry soon this coming january am get nervous what
will happen to me next at the same time happy, we meet on chat
at first i ignore what he is saying to me cause on chat more lie
later he give me his password so i can trace his email at the
same time password in his yahoo messenger but the more we
communicate long the more love i felt for him, he will come this
november to set our seminar after that set our wed this coming
january, he is from nigeria,sango ota state.All i do from now
keep on praying that God lead us…

My question is:
Is that enough to trust person giving his password?
Am i going to ignore him forever cause we meet thru chat…





Red flag #1: It looks as though the two of you have not met in
real time yet, and you are already planning to get married?
Way, way too fast.

Red flag #2: He’s from Nigeria???  Nigeria is the #1 location of
Internet scams.  See my blog postings on staying safe on the
Internet: https://find-a-sweetheart.com/blog/C15/  You’ll see
several of my articles on Nigerian scams.

Meeting in a chat room is the least of your worries.  But basing
trust on that he gave you his password???  Don’t do it.  These
scammers are very smart, and likely that is part of his

More don’ts:  Don’t send him any money or co-operate in anything
that involves money.

Don’t put much hope in this working out.  Highly, highly risky.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this one is as clear as a

Best, Kathryn


There’s no money involve in our relationship despite he want
to sent me money but its delay cause he said EFCC is
monitoring every financial activities of individuals in
nigeria,also cause of high rate crime there,he said too much
of youngsters who engaged themselves in fraud, because of the
high rate of fraud there in nigeria they are trying to put an
end to FRAUD he said am not one of them and also he said he
is trying to work hard to earn his money, but thank very much
for the advice, but he is coming here on November so how can
i notice if he is member of this internet scam group…Please
give me some tips…so that am aware…

Thank you.



You’ll need to do some research.  Here are some links for you to
check out.  Do a Google search on Nigeria+dating+scams and trace
down the leads.





Be very very careful.  Your situation does not sound good to me
at all.

Best, Kathryn



Dear Kathryn:
are you saying all negiria is bad?


No, but that’s where most of the Internet scamming is coming
from.  You met this person on the Internet.  He is from Nigeria.
So be careful.

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord



my ex is getting involved with some guy from there.i’m very worried about her.his email adress is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) me know if you here anything ....guy

The following is a conversation I had with someone I met on tagged.com .  He goes by the name Kenny W on tagged and his yahoo ID is Kenny_Walex. I spoke to him on yahoo messenger because I just knew something was up and wanted to get the truth. Here is a copy of the conversation. I think you will see I found that he IS one of the nigerian scammers. Also, his photo is of a model that is on focushawaii.com

Keep your eyes peeled ladies!
pamela_sinz: hello
kenny_walex: hi
kenny_walex: how are you
pamela_sinz: fine
kenny_walex: i think meet you just now/
pamela_sinz: yes on tagged
kenny_walex: ok
kenny_walex: am kenny by name
pamela_sinz: Your profile says you are in NY
pamela_sinz: do you know where the statue of liberty is?
kenny_walex: no
pamela_sinz: why not?
kenny_walex: well i under stand that
pamela_sinz: you understand what?
kenny_walex: meaning of statue of liberty
pamela_sinz: what time is it where you are? It is kind of late here.
kenny_walex: yes
kenny_walex: do you have cam to show me pls
pamela_sinz: no I don’t, do you?
kenny_walex: no
pamela_sinz: can you show me some more pictures of you?
kenny_walex: where are you from
kenny_walex: yes
pamela_sinz: I am from Ohio
kenny_walex: ok
kenny_walex: your name/
pamela_sinz: pamela
kenny_walex: ok
kenny_walex: what do you do for living
pamela_sinz: I am a manager for a clothing company
kenny_walex: wowwwwwwwwow
kenny_walex: that nice
kenny_walex: am contractor and i use to travel
pamela_sinz: I get lots of free clothes.
kenny_walex: ok
pamela_sinz: where did you travel?
kenny_walex: well right now am in west africa for a contract/
pamela_sinz: oh wow, where at in west africa?
kenny_walex: nigeria
pamela_sinz: oh cool, never been there
kenny_walex: have you get there before
pamela_sinz: no
kenny_walex: ok
pamela_sinz: is it nice?
kenny_walex: not really
pamela_sinz: oh
pamela_sinz: thats too bad
kenny_walex: i well be back as soon as i finish
kenny_walex: ok
pamela_sinz: when will you finish?
kenny_walex: next week
kenny_walex: ok
pamela_sinz: thats great
kenny_walex: are you single?
pamela_sinz: yes
kenny_walex: am single looking for the woman of my on burn baby
kenny_walex: you ?
pamela_sinz: I would love to meet someone to share my life with.
kenny_walex: ok
kenny_walex: do you have a kids
pamela_sinz: yes I have one daughter
kenny_walex: ok
pamela_sinz: do you?
kenny_walex: is she with you there
pamela_sinz: she is in bed
kenny_walex: ok
kenny_walex: great her for me
kenny_walex: i need someone to make me feel great and settle down with
pamela_sinz: that sounds nice
kenny_walex: i dont know if you will be intresting inthat
pamela_sinz: it sounds wonderful
pamela_sinz: do you have a house in florida? I just bought a new house.
kenny_walex: really
pamela_sinz: yes
kenny_walex: yes i do
pamela_sinz: great
kenny_walex: pls next time we talk pls try and get a cam
pamela_sinz: my computer does not work with a cam
kenny_walex: bcos i will love to see you
kenny_walex: ok
kenny_walex: you can get another one
kenny_walex: pls
pamela_sinz: I won’t be getting a new computer until next year.
pamela_sinz: I just bought this one from a friend.
pamela_sinz: can I see your other pictures now?
kenny_walex: ok
kenny_walex: brb
pamela_sinz: ok thanks
kenny_walex: give me your ID on yahoo so that i can send the pic
kenny_walex: ok
pamela_sinz: its the same as my name here
kenny_walex: ok
kenny_walex: i will send it now
pamela_sinz: ok
pamela_sinz: you can send it through photo sharing
kenny_walex: i dont have it
kenny_walex: am using old vation
pamela_sinz: oh ok
kenny_walex: i have sent it to you
pamela_sinz: ok thanks
pamela_sinz: very nice!
kenny_walex: you like it
pamela_sinz: oh yes very much!
pamela_sinz: I usually date black men though.
kenny_walex: really
pamela_sinz: yes
kenny_walex: ok
kenny_walex: can you tell me why you not with your husband
pamela_sinz: I’m not married
kenny_walex: but you have a kid
pamela_sinz: yes
pamela_sinz: you don’t have to be married to have a child
kenny_walex: ok
kenny_walex: why do you break up
pamela_sinz: he cheated on me
pamela_sinz: broke my heart
kenny_walex: i promise too be a nice guy
kenny_walex: ok
pamela_sinz: thats wonderful!
kenny_walex: and i will never broke your heart
pamela_sinz: thank you
pamela_sinz: I can send you some of the clothes from my work if you like, and some pictures too.
kenny_walex: ok
pamela_sinz: Just let me know where to send them.
kenny_walex: later
kenny_walex: ok
pamela_sinz: well I am not online that much
kenny_walex: why
pamela_sinz: could you tell me now so I can write it down? I don’t want to lose it.
pamela_sinz: because I work a lot
kenny_walex: can you call me
pamela_sinz: sure
kenny_walex: ok
kenny_walex: this the to call
kenny_walex: that the number
kenny_walex: ok
pamela_sinz: ok when is a good time for you to talk?
kenny_walex: any time
kenny_walex: ok
pamela_sinz: ok great
pamela_sinz: I will try to call sometime next week if I have time.
kenny_walex: why not tomorrow
kenny_walex: pls
pamela_sinz: I have a very busy day tomorrow. I have to finish some work on my house.
kenny_walex: i want to hear you
pamela_sinz: I’m sorry. I wont have time tomorrow.
kenny_walex: ok
pamela_sinz: If you can tell me the address to send the clothes to you I can have the post man pick it up tomorrow.
kenny_walex: ok
kenny_walex: let me ask the hotel maneger
pamela_sinz: ok great
kenny_walex: can register me to DHL so that they can bring it to my place
pamela_sinz: ok where do I send it?
kenny_walex: reciever name john akinde
pamela_sinz: ok great
pamela_sinz: I’m not sure how to do that but I will find out.
pamela_sinz: do you know who john akinde is? so you can get the package?
pamela_sinz: are you still there?
pamela_sinz: hello?
pamela_sinz: hello?
pamela_sinz: are you still there kenny?

Here are the 2 emails he sent to me before I spoke to him. Sorry, they are very long.
From: kenny w
To: Pamela J

Date:Mar 3, 2007 10:41 pm
Subject:no subject
Hello, i will tell you a little about myself..my real name is kenny i am 35years,from florida,i am living alone,i am studying….i am the only son of the family,my parent got married to each in the state….i am happy i have a wonderful parent like my parent but unfortunately i lost my parent years ago in a car wreck and it sucks..its so painful coz i was unable to let them feel my impact before thay died…Right now i am contractor..i have just started my career on it and its really my dream and i seek a woman who will surport my dream…..to complete my dream and career..it has really been a dream come true for me to become a contractor and i have commited all my time and all i have into this career and i hope it leads to a very great futurefor me ,i am a very sincere and honest person,iam Caring, kind, social, smart, intelligent, passionate, friendlly, romantic, and i believe in the truth and honest of love..i am really a very sincere person when it comes to sharing feelings and emotions with that speical woman and i realy am down to heart honest about the things i say and do cause i dont like hurting peoples feelings,cause­ everyone has a chance to laugh,so why do i make them sad..i am really very easy to get along with,fun to be with and am very adaptive and communicative when it comes to conversant conversation.a­nd my life is based on the truth and honest of self personality…­i would realy like to get to know alot about you and learn somethings with you cause you seems to be kind of ready in getting to know my kind of woman and hopefull we can meet in person soon..with time we will get to know each others feelings, motives and intensions towards each other and it will help us grow knowing each other and trusting each other..i am looking for Honest,God fearing,loyal,­trusthworthy and intelligent woman..i am looking for something long term relationship. Well i will await your reply and i will try and email you back asap. this is my messenger on yahoo kenny_walex@ya­hoo.com

Email #2
From: kenny w
To: Pamela J

Date:Mar 3, 2007 11:00 pm
Subject:Re: no subject
As for me. i am happy you responded to my email and assure you that i am
indeed interested in you. As a person in very warm deep individual. I
am looking for someone to cherish to love or be loved.A person to whom i
can share my ideals with, express my concerns with , comfort her in her
hour of need. i am down to earth, very practical, common sense
individual. I believe in trusting one another. Trust is the most important of a
relationship don’t you agree?. Without trust a relationship cannot
exist. i want to be the one that can be there to reassure you in your times
when you questions something. i want to be the one that can make you
laugh for i do have a good sense of humor, and a general good disposition
about me. One cannot fake this, you either have one or do not. i do. Of
course arguing does occur not everyone is happy all the time. One thing
is for sure is that, if i was to,it would be one that if it did occur
you would know that it would be one of concern. The idea thateven
though­ i am disagreeing with,you would still know from my manners,that
it is out of concern for you. In other words you would know that i
still love you! i would respect you for who you are. My heart would not
permit me to hurt you emotionally to hurt you would also hurt myself.
There would be great emptiness in my life if i was to loose you. i value
someone like yourself,ideas­, and feel that what ever you have to say is
important! my values are traditional. i was taught by parents to
respect a man like yourself. To treat that person as i would be treated. i
would like to give it a try and get to know someone as deep and
compassionate as yourself better. your love would be something that i would
cherish forever. love to me is vital for someones love is truely something
of value that cannot be bought by any financial means.i as a person am
college educated, Average height average build. no tattoos. i keep my
appearance as very neat as possible and present my self to people with a
little class. i have a variety of interest ranging from going to the
beach to reading. i have to go now i figure i would email something
briefly to let you know what my thought about you where. i hope you like what
hear because like i said before I value you as a person and would like
to show you that my intentions are just. email me back let me know what
you think.

There is a guy named Nick S on tagged.com saying he’s from Albion PA and he is stating that he’s in West Africa on a missionary.  BE WARE…..he acted all romantic….even sent me flowers priority overnight and then shortly after started asking me to send money to him and I told him over and over again that I couldn’t and then he said others waiting in line for him and for me not to write him anymore….that I wasn’t a giver…..SCREW THAT NIGERIAN &*U&^*&....the picture of him is gorgeous ........ don’t fall for it…I called him on it and immediately deleted him from my tagged.com and my yahoo im….his email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Please let me know if anyone has heard from this creep!

I am glad I am a little bit computer savy. I joined match.com about a week ago and to date have recieved emails from at least 7 men claiming to be from some place in the states and then I can’t find their profile anymore. they email me at match.com and all of them tell me they are in Nigeria on business of one sort or another….one seemed odd, two got my bells ringing and three got them all blocked. they all have tragic stories…of dead parents, First wife died in a car accident. blah blah blah.
looking at my emails and winks I believe everyone is a scammer. all are from a distance. I have actually recieved no email from anyone local. interesting huh. just thought you would like to know it is getting worse not better. Eileen

Eeeeyuck, Eileen!  How awful!  Be sure to report these guys to Match, okay? Kathryn

This is truly innovative and insightful information- thanks a lot for the post.

in less than a week, i have received messags from 3 european cuties, non english speaking countries, all now living in the US, all now citizens,  all widowers, all working as contractors in nigeria, raising a 10 yr old chld with no living family.  out of boredom, knowing they were con men and for fun and giggles I im’d with all 3, one named michael, 2 named mark, how sweet and charming all were, however their lack of the english language.  Amazingly enough, just before they were to come back to the states and profess their undying love, their child had a tragic accident.  the doctors won’t help them without cash, they can’t access their US bank accts, they will pay back twice what they receive as soon as they come “home”.  Dating sites need to find a way to safe guard the women (and men) that are naiive, desperate and unknowing.  How many have sent $$ to nigerian cons, the capital of internet scam.  How does the word get out.  How do we protect those that need it, and it isn’t that poor single parent immagainary child in Nigeria, it is the lonely sole here in america.

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