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(Dis)abilities and dating

Quentin is vertically challenged as well, but it’s because he has to use a wheelchair.  The closer you are to “normal,” whatever that is, the easier time you will have finding a partner online.  If there is something about you that is NOT within the norm, or if you are looking for someone who is outside the norm, you will have a longer and harder search.

Kathryn: I send messages to women that I am intereted in them and I do not get replies. I think it is due to the fact that I am Paraplgic and confined to a wheelchair. I believe I have as much to offer a woman as any other man. How can I get a woman past the fact I can’t walk. They want me to be honest. It seems that when I am they pass me by.  Quentin

Quentin, your dilemma is very similar to Tim’s and Veronica’s (see previous postings).  Your situation is outside the normal and will automatically cut out 99% of single women right of the bat.  You do not want to waste your time contacting women who know they won’t be interested in you.  So for sure, be honest about your paraplegia and wheel chair.  I would also emphasize the kind of life that you are able to live, regardless of it: Like, do you have a job?  Are you active? Etc.

Then I’d look for dating sites where your disability would not be so out of the norm.  Google disability+”dating site” and see what comes up.  I have had other clients who have done well on such sites, including a paraplegic and another man who needed a walker. Best, Kathryn PS Here’s a great “lemons to lemonade” line for your profile: “Meet a guy who will never walk away!”




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