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Facts About Boomer Singles

From a press release about LavaLifePrime—LavaLife’s new (and free for awhile) site for singles over 45:

A few interesting statistics on single Boomers:
* 30% of Boomers are single
* 70% of Boomers are internet savvy*
* 70% of single Boomers are dating regularly*
* Of those, 45% of men and 48% of women have sexual intercourse more than once per week*
* Only 14% of Boomer women and 22% of Boomer men are looking to get married or live with someone.* (For the younger groups these numbers are a significantly higher, ie. ages 30-39, 60%.) FULL ARTICLE @ PR LEAP

* AARP Study - American Association of Retired People

That’s SOME set of stats!  If you are a single “Boomer,” get out there and have some fun!

From Your Romance Coach, Kathryn Lord



I have just signed up for the “email to email” newsletter so I am new to this. I’ve heard so much about EHarmony and have even posted a personal’s ad on that particular site as well as one on yahoo personals. I find that men are not interested in anything you might have to say until they see a photo of you and IF you pass their scrutiny. Being overweight..which I am now vigorously working on..I don’t seem to hold most men’s interest although I like who I am. I’m not unattractive, I’m educated, talented..I love to write poetry, and am an honest person. However, that doesn’t cross a man’s mind unless you have the perfect shape. To finish this up..my question would be, what, in your opinion is the best site to list a personal’s ad? I must tell you, I’ve tried quite a few and some of my dates where the perverbial date from Hell. Two hours with that person was too long. Not too mention, their bio was one big falsehood. Their picture was taken at least 30 years ago and I find them to be just plain dishonest.  HELP!

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