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Single Dads Prefer Dating Online

Ya’ll know I have my problems with True.com (see my postings here), but I am not above quoting their surveys (minus their self-promoting ya-ya).  This is from a :

Survey results showed that most single fathers agree that online dating is a safer and easier method for meeting other singles:

  —75 percent of respondents said that online dating is the easiest way
    for single parents to meet others
  —67 percent said that online dating is a safer way to date


The survey also revealed that saving time is considered the most popular convenience of online dating:

  —37 percent said that online dating helped them balance time between
    work, dating and family
  —More than half (53 percent) go out on traditional dates less than once
    a month



I have met some very nice and incredibly confident men on searchingmillionaire.com. So I haven’t given up hope yet.

There’s something about this comment above that feels fishy to me.  Dating sites regularly post here as a form of free advertising.  If the posting is clearly from a dating site, I delete it.  I am not sure about this one, so I am leaving it up, but that does not mean I endorse it.


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