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Tell Your Worst Secrets

I just stumbled across the greatest site: It’s a blog where secrets get posted.  What a great way to deal with something embarrassing in your past: Make a postcard with your secret on it and send it in.  Every week, new ones get posted.  The blogger Frank Warren is an artist and has complied the postcards into book.  See them here on Amazon.

Here’s another, more effortless and less arty way to confess your flaws:  grouphug.us  Here’s another one, though the “confessions” are a bit raw:  onlineconfessional.com

I’ve written quite a bit about secrets, their power to keep us from getting close to someone else, and what to do about that.  You can get a copy of my article “Do You Have a Secret?  How to Tell Your Sweetheart Your Worst” for free by subscribing to my enewsletter *eMAIL to eMATE* or you can buy it at Your Sweetheart Store

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